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Am I gay or not ?

i have always been attracted to both sexes for as long as i can remember, but for some reason i have always really liked the idea of kissing and holding a guy, yet i feel like i want to be in a relationship with a girl. after realizing this i started watching gay porn to experiment, and i found that i like the just about everything about the pre-gay sex, but when it comes to the actual penis and more actually "sexual" things i turn away cuz i just don't like it. this seems odd to me, am i gay or not? i still like the idea of having sex with a girl(the actual sex) yet whenever i fantasize its always men, never girls. another thing, i have never really masturbated i don't think. i am able to get the erection, but no matter what i cant really get the ejaculation to work. this is all very confusing to me and im not sure if its a definite question, but can i please get an answer, knowledge or comfort?