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Even through mixed messages I think she likes me

I've been friends with this girl for over a year now and i started falling for her from about 3 months into the friendship. We fell out about 2 months ago but started talking and spending time together again really quickly. From then we have been really flirty together and it seems as though we both want more than just being friends. She gets really jealous when i text this girl from work so much so that it's come to a point where i can't text her when i'm with her. Then yesterday she asked me if i thought she was hot, then later on randomly out of the blue sent me a message saying 'love you'. Does this mean she's interested in me as more than a friend or not??? I'm really confused.

I was always a lesbian, am I turning bisexual over ...

Call me Cris. I'm confused and afraid with my feelings.for almost 13 years ive been living happily as a lesbian then after our break up with my girlfriend for 3 years, things have changed.it all started when i met a man last may. We become good friends. After a week I've been disturbed by a strange feelings like missing him, thinking of him, dreaming etc.... that it never happen to me before. Is it because of his good attitude like being sweet, caring, thoughtful etc..? It really scared me to death thinking that I'm a bisexual. My friends and families accepted me already as a lesbian, then all of a sudden this crazy feeling appeared. I don't know how to face and handle it. I'm really confused, don't know what to do. Pls i need your advice. thanks and more power