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Is it normal to be erect and flaccid, alternately?

i have read your reply to a question asked about wether masturbation can be harmful and may i say i am very relieved by the answer you gave. i was just wandering if frequent erections (as in maybe 2 in the same hour) wether submitted to sexual material or not can be seen as a problem? i am aware of men becoming impotent, but is there a title given to the polar opposite- frequently alternating between flaccid and erect without prompting?

My preferences and desires are confusing me at age 13.

I am a 13 year old boy. I'm just confused. I'm turned on by both women and men, but I can't envision an actual relationship with a man, only something sexual. Also, I get extremely turned on by dressing up in female clothes, but times I wish I could just be a girl. What's up with me?

Am I gay? And how do I find the right ...

I am worried about myself because i think i am gay. I would like to see what it is like giving and receiving a blowjob from another male and i would also like to try gay sex. I do not seem to be interested in females. Am I gay, or is it just a phase that will pass with time? + Jimmy Eddy Homo, 12 years old, United Kingdom (Great Britain) How do i find the man that is right for me?