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I’m female but have gender identity confusion

I'm having some confusion with gender identity/sexual orientation & with figuring out how to resolve these issues. I'm either bi-sexual or lesbian (more attracted to woman but also to some men) I've only dated men and have come out to just a few friends. I'm more confused about gender identity. I'm not sure if transgender is the right term to use as I don't think my feelings are as strong as most who consider themselves transgender. Recently I began having feelings in the back of my mind where I refer to myself as male; I was definitely a tomboy as a child. At same time I don't loathe my body at all, and as for appearance I like to wear makeup, sometimes skirts, but am not at all girly. However I've had some anxiety from these "male" feelings and while I don't feel I want/need to transition, I've also realized that when fantasizing about women I'm sometimes in a male role (sometimes feeling I have that anatomy) Have others experienced similar? What did they do? I'm shy to