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I reject the male label but am I transsexual?

I've been having many questions about my gender identity and I was hoping for your team's opinion (Obviously, I should talk to an actual therapist too). Even since the beginning of high school (I'm in my first year of college) I've become increasingly feminine, from growing my hair out, to wearing eyeliner and colorful nail polish, even wearing female clothing because I liked the look and feel in a non-erotic way, and I enjoy a more girlish nature. I've never hated my gender, and I always enjoyed boyish games at a young age. In fact it wasn't until the beginning of high school that I had showed signs. I did not know of transsexualism then, but I went through a period where I rejected the label male. I think that it's more than possible that I'm transsexual, but that I reject it because I'm deeply in love with a girl. Is it possible that I'm transsexual? If so, is it possible that I'm holding myself back for the reason stated and that it might be sorted out if I talk to her?

I’m female but have gender identity confusion

I'm having some confusion with gender identity/sexual orientation & with figuring out how to resolve these issues. I'm either bi-sexual or lesbian (more attracted to woman but also to some men) I've only dated men and have come out to just a few friends. I'm more confused about gender identity. I'm not sure if transgender is the right term to use as I don't think my feelings are as strong as most who consider themselves transgender. Recently I began having feelings in the back of my mind where I refer to myself as male; I was definitely a tomboy as a child. At same time I don't loathe my body at all, and as for appearance I like to wear makeup, sometimes skirts, but am not at all girly. However I've had some anxiety from these "male" feelings and while I don't feel I want/need to transition, I've also realized that when fantasizing about women I'm sometimes in a male role (sometimes feeling I have that anatomy) Have others experienced similar? What did they do? I'm shy to

Am I bisexual or lesbian?

For the longest time I knew I was sexually attracted to both men and women, no questions asked. I have an incredible girlfriend, Chelsea. We have been dating for about seven months, and my feelings for her increase every day. I love her to death. Yesterday my friend asked me if I was bisexual or lesbian, and I didn't know what to say. I have had one serious boyfriend before but I broke up with him after he cheated on me. I don't really notice guys anymore. I mean, if my friend asks me if I think a certain guy is attractive, I might say yes, but there isn't really any sexual attraction. Do you think I am a lesbian, or do you think that I am just more attracted to women than men because of the bad break up experience I had with my only boyfriend? I know there isn't a certain yes or no answer but any help would be appreciated. Thanks!