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I’m wondering if I’m bi but I accept whoever I ...

Hey! For a few months now, I've been thinking a lot about my sexuality. I think I'm bi. But here's where I am a bit confused: I only fall in love with men, but I'd rather have sex with women (I'm still a virgin, but I sometimes fantasize about women). I'm still young and naive and I don't have much experience in love and sex (never had a boyfriend and I'm not really in the lookout for a relationship), but I feel bad. I don't want to objectify women, but that's how I feel: fall in love with a man, have sex with women. Am I a horrible person?! >.< I still haven't told ANYONE about this. But I really do want to talk to someone about my bisexuality. Is it just a phase? Is it wrong of me for feeling this way about men and women? Should tell anyone (I do have a bi male friend, but he never ever talks about it)? Anyway, I really don't know what to do or how to feel. Whatever the answer, I accept and love who I am. I still love to love, whatever the sex. Thank you! :)

Not looking for a sex change, but want to be ...

i'm a 44year old male but i don't class myself as a male or female however i do wear womens' cloths some times and underwear 24/7 i don't even own a pair of men's pants i'm not looking for a sex change but i am desperate to be castrated as i hate having erections i have no interest in women only men and i'm totally submissive i need to talk to my doctor but here in the UK they seem very unwilling to help how do talk to my doctor about this subject without making myself look a complete lunatic i don't want to go to some seedy bdsm club /s&m party where things can go wrong, please help

I’m having violent sexual dreams

I am twenty three and am a virgin but almost every night I have dreams of sex. I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy at the age of 13 and to get rid of the nightmares I started to watch porn. Now I can ignore the dreams of sex and redirect them. But a lot of times I have dreams of two people who were close friends one is of a guy who was like a brother to me tries to rape me and a friend she tries to force me to have sex also (sometimes with the girl it does happen but shes always fisting me). I don't like these dreams and try to ignore them but it happens a lot. Now for some reason I am having forced sex dreams of my dad who has never done anything to me. I also have dreams of guys I use to like in middle school and fight for my attraction but I always choose the same guy.Please help.

How can I tell my mom I’m transsexual while I’m ...

I want to come out to my mother as a transsexual. She knows I'm bisexual, but she's still doing the "it's just a phase" thing. Other than that, she seemed open enough about it, and overall accepts my sexuality. I want to tell her about this now, while I'm still young. I'm not sure if she'll be supportive. How can I tell her in a way that'll be easy for her, and maybe encourage her to support my decision?

I’m a straight female but would rather be a gay ...

I am a 21-year-old straight female but I feel like I would rather be a gay male. I have always been exclusively attracted to males, never females, but for the past couple of years I have been wishing more and more that I had been born a male. I know that being attracted to males, if I was born in a male body, I would be a proud gay male. Something that has clued me into these feelings is the fact that I can only get aroused by gay (male-only) porn, not straight porn. In fact, just seeing or hearing a female engaging in sex really turns me off, while seeing or hearing two or more males engaging in sex turns me on immensely. But it's not just a feeling that I relate to sexually. I adore gay-themed romantic movies and am sometimes brought to tears after watching one when I realize that I will never get to have that experience. I know there are similar questions out there, but I would really like to know if it's possible for a straight female to feel like a gay male on the inside.

Culture shock: do I really have to come out AGAIN?

I am a 21 year old, queer female and decided to spend my summer working in a rural area (I am originally from a large city with a strong gay community). At the beginning of the summer, I decided that I wasn't going to tell anyone at my work that I am gay because the town is small, conservative, and religious. I thought it was going to be ok for a few weeks, but I became agitated when I heard people around me use the word "faggot" and tell homophobic jokes. I thought I was fairly comfortable with my sexual orientation (I am out to my friends at college, but not my parents), but here I feel isolated and wrong all the time. It's like I've reverted back to the state I was in when I first realized that I was queer some years ago, like I'm shoving myself back into the closet. I've started questioning my sexuality again and wondering if being gay is really worth such pain and shame. I'm in culture shock in middle America and not sure what to do.

Making friends (or more!) with girls

Hi I just had a question but before I tell you guys I just wanted to say thanks for the advice on what to do to get this girl to noticed me and thanks to Hillary and I just wanted to ask what kind of words should I use to approach nice, not to nice and not to mean, or mean girls so that they will like me as a friend and maybe more than just a friend, maybe a boyfriend, so what kind of words should I use to approach girls and by the way I'm in 7th grade but the year is almost over. I'm almost 13

I’m a lesbian, so why am I attracted to one ...

i'm 29 and living now here in rome. for 11 years i'm living as a lesbian, and i'm happy with who i am.been with a live in relationship that lasted for 3 years then all of a sudden i felt something like being confused. i started admiring a man, imagining being with him then after a day i felt disgusted or yucky on thinking that i'm with him. it happen twice. am i really a lesbian? why do i feel like this? thanks a lot and looking forward for your answer.

My fiancé may be bisexual. How can I change him?

Hi. I discovered that my fiancé enjoyed watching not only regular heterosexual porn, but also gay and "she-male" porn & when I told him that I thought he was bisexual, he didn't argue. I am wondering if there is anything (as a woman) I can do to guide him gradually/gently more toward being heterosexual and so over time he prefers to be heterosexual or at least not desire the same sex as much? I'm seeking any tips you can give me (i.e. sexual, emotional, mental) so I can just try them out. This is a very important matter to me. I would appreciate anything you can give me, including links to articles (other than the ones I already have which just explain homosexuality and bisexuality). Thanks for your time.

Am I transsexual, transvestite, or both ?

Ok, just recently I began looking into my Gender Transition, I found numerous options open to me and I was convinced for a while that I was fully Transsexual, and I am still convinced that I am at least partially Gender Dysphoric, I have had these feelings since I was a small child What I want to know is, is it possible to be both Transvestite and Transsexual at the same time? I don't identify as male per se however I don't want a sex change. I will admit that Transvestism has a certain sensual allure but not enough for me to consider myself fully Transvestite. So whats the deal am I Transsexual or Transvestite, or both?