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Guiding a gay youth while rejecting his sexual advances to ...

I am trying to help guide a young hispanic man (he's) 17 in the right direction to meet and get to know other guys in his age bracket. He's not shy, quite to the contray, but he's exhibiting inappropriate behavior. He showed up at our door begging us for sex. This situation is just wrong for many, many reassons. He seems overblown with hormones, but I'd like to know how he could get free counseling and maybe meet other young men (in a group situation) that he could get to know. He lives near is in the San Fernando valley and tells me that he feels completely cut off. His friends are all straight and as unfortunate as it is, are very homophobic. He's afraid they might try to kill him. We live in the San Fernando valley near North Hollywood. I'd like to give him some advice before he does something drastic or gets us in trouble. I really could use some information for him. (Counseling centers-gay hispanic yourth group meetings). Your immediate help would be appreciated. Thanks

How do I get gaydar?

There is a guy that I know very well and he has always told me that he is bisexual not gay, how can I find out that he is telling me the truth,if he is a gay male who is in the closet would he tell me that he was a bisexual male and since I'm not a gay male, is there a way that I would be able to know for sure if he is a gay male who is in the closet,and is gaydar something that only gay males have or is gaydar something that both gay males and bisexual males have too and how can I get gaydar,and how can I use gaydar on a gay male since I'm not a gay male myself?