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I feel I am stuck in uncertainty, am I transgender ...

I identify enormously with the experiences and feeling of other transgender people. (the feelings being trapped in the wrong body, etc) But I'm unsure if I AM transgender. Are there any questions I can ask myself that would help me understand myself better? (besides 'am I transgender?' and 'Would I feel happier as a male?') (I am female bodied) I am sick of being stuck in uncertainty. Help?

Am I bisexual or lesbian?

For the longest time I knew I was sexually attracted to both men and women, no questions asked. I have an incredible girlfriend, Chelsea. We have been dating for about seven months, and my feelings for her increase every day. I love her to death. Yesterday my friend asked me if I was bisexual or lesbian, and I didn't know what to say. I have had one serious boyfriend before but I broke up with him after he cheated on me. I don't really notice guys anymore. I mean, if my friend asks me if I think a certain guy is attractive, I might say yes, but there isn't really any sexual attraction. Do you think I am a lesbian, or do you think that I am just more attracted to women than men because of the bad break up experience I had with my only boyfriend? I know there isn't a certain yes or no answer but any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I might be ftm transexual

Hey This might seem like an odd question. I am currently female and present as female. However, I like women and I am very masculine yet feminine in some ways. I pass as a male at times. I have watched numerous FTM videos on YouTube and am starting to perhaps realise I may be ftm transexual. Being painfully shy I feel restricted and too shy to tell everyone. I would love to live as male but I think I fear transitioning because of family/friends and societys views. I am perceived as a straight female to most people but my family ( who know my ideas of transitioning ). I feel stressed about this. I'm not sure if it's the trapped feeling I feel or the fear of transitioning and my loss of my feeling of being accepted as noone knows. Let me know what you think. Thanks