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Can I catch the HIV virus by ingesting aerated ejaculate?

My question is about the HIV virus. If someone jerked off into something or onto something and it sat around (say they jerked off into a beer bottle) for a couple of hours or an hour, and someone else unknowingly downs it, are they at risk for HIV? Specifically, I drank something rank from a cup that had a bit of OJ at the bottom of it (as well) and I want to know the HIV risk. I have mouth ulcers (possibly from herpes), so if it's a risk, I'm in trouble for sure. (oh well, I'll deal with it--but could the OJ have actually done the virus in before I got hold of it?) There IS a risk it had HIV as there are a lot of high-risk-takers where I live. I will be tested either way -- just trying to manage the wait. Thanks.

Can blood in a mouthwash cup transfer HIV?

What is your sexual orientation ? straight I have a question, earlier today I used mouth wash in the morning. Like always in the morning, I am very tired and did not notice there was blood in there. And i do not know whose blood was it. I asked my brother who shares the mouthwash cup with me and he replied not using it the night before or in the morning. So do I have any chance for me to get infected the HIV or AIDS virus. It has been bothering me since. please reply thanks a lot

Irregular periods – Could I be pregnant?

Hello. So, I had sex with my boyfriend about 2 mouths ago now(we only did it for about 7 seconds or so).. and i had my period.. But it was weird.. my period goes up by 1 date every time.. first it was the 9th, then 8th, 7th.. but last month i had it on the 11th.. its jumping dates. and now it is the 18th and i still haven't had my period.. I don't know whats going on, I've been getting cramps and stuff.. but no blood yet. Im not showing any sines of being pregnant. im not sick or anything like that. I would really like some help. Please and thank you!