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I’m not accepting my orientation – something is still missing.

I now its hard for me but i m not accepting my sexuality orientation. I ve already done sex with both sexe and i still didnt find what i really want. I do have sometimes strange feelings like depression or loneliness but in reality i do have a lot of friend and i do have a lovely life because i almost have everything like travelling , car, house, friend , family etc.. But i do feel like there something is missing i still didnt know what it is. I never tried to talk to anyone about my sexuality because its really hard to found someone whom i can trust and talk about it. Maybe its because i have problem with trusting people. All i want is to feel good and to stop having that sad feeling all the time.

I was heart-broken by guys, now I like lesbian porn, ...

I am a girl of 22 years.i was straight til now.i had two boyfriends with whom i had some petting kinda sexual relationship.i was really in love but they broke my heart.Now i kinda of hate boys i thought it would change but i like lesbian porn.i want to change it.HOW?i need help.or how can i live

I was always a lesbian, am I turning bisexual over ...

Call me Cris. I'm confused and afraid with my feelings.for almost 13 years ive been living happily as a lesbian then after our break up with my girlfriend for 3 years, things have changed.it all started when i met a man last may. We become good friends. After a week I've been disturbed by a strange feelings like missing him, thinking of him, dreaming etc.... that it never happen to me before. Is it because of his good attitude like being sweet, caring, thoughtful etc..? It really scared me to death thinking that I'm a bisexual. My friends and families accepted me already as a lesbian, then all of a sudden this crazy feeling appeared. I don't know how to face and handle it. I'm really confused, don't know what to do. Pls i need your advice. thanks and more power

I feel I’ve wronged my parents by being gay

I am gay and I feel as if I've seriously wronged my parents. I never had any religious issues surrounding my self acceptance. Though I always felt that I should forget that I am gay, at least for a few years until I am financially independent. My parents are too conservative. They don't even expect me to date a guy before I marry...so, dating a girl and living with her, especially when homosexuality is illegal here and the society so rigidly patriarchal...they would think that its more of a mistake that should be corrected. And, right now I feel so unsure about my own life, both personally and professionally, that it grips me in guilt. I know that my parents have done so much for me, and by being gay, I've already put aside many of their expectations. I work really hard at my academics, but if my score falls below their hopes from me, that makes me feel twice as bad. I want to focus on what's important for me, but I don't know how to get my mind off all this?

How do I manage my wife and my new true ...

this is the second time I write, and let me first say that the first response made me feel understood for the first time in my life. I have never been able to talk about my sexual feelings before that. Thank you from my heart. I had mentioned before that I am married but had a strong desire for a gay relationship with a particular person. I am now fully involved in that gay relationship and I am feeling what it feels like to really fall in love for the first time in my life. My question is am I wrong and should I feel the guilt that I feel for having these 2 simultaneous relationships? I can't come to terms of giving up either relationship, I am just not there yet. Thanks again for your wisdom and understanding in these matters.