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I’m having violent sexual dreams

I am twenty three and am a virgin but almost every night I have dreams of sex. I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy at the age of 13 and to get rid of the nightmares I started to watch porn. Now I can ignore the dreams of sex and redirect them. But a lot of times I have dreams of two people who were close friends one is of a guy who was like a brother to me tries to rape me and a friend she tries to force me to have sex also (sometimes with the girl it does happen but shes always fisting me). I don't like these dreams and try to ignore them but it happens a lot. Now for some reason I am having forced sex dreams of my dad who has never done anything to me. I also have dreams of guys I use to like in middle school and fight for my attraction but I always choose the same guy.Please help.

I don’t want to stay lovesick but I don’t know ...

I am desperately, passionately in love with my female best friend. Sadly, she's hetero and was scared away from any interest in women by a bully coming on to her in grade school. I don't know what to do, but can't continue this way (which is to say lovesick). What course of action do you recommend? I know I can try to control it but it's hard. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Is it a phase ?

i am 19. never before this year did i identify as a homosexual nor a heterosexual. last year my best friend fell in love with a woman...we spent a great deal of our time opening, exploring & trying to understand our sexualities, beginning it with her love for this woman. It forced me to look at mine in a new way & I discovered that I was gay too. my friends g/f has become my other close friend. they have a better grip on their sexuality while I still get too uncomfortable to come out to them. im not as sure as they are. the past 6 mnths, having identified myself as a lesbian to me only, have been so wonderful but sometimes, i am unsure. It all happend so fast that sometimes I doubt my understanding. for 6 years, i haven't labeled my sexuality, it just was. good or bad. I miss that. Now everything i do, i do as a lesbian. it puts a whole new twist on everything i do. am i too homophobic to love this me that is undeniably happier or could i really be "going through a phase" as they say?