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I don’t want to keep being everyone’s poster-boy

So, I have been really confused about what I want in terms of my gender identity. When I look in the mirror I don't want to see "handsome" or anything male about myself. I really enjoy being a guy and I know this because I couldn't imagine life without my penis. I'm guessing you can call me genderqueer or androgynous, but how do I know if this is what I really want? I've already taken steps to look more female. I do my eyebrows, shave my body, wear makeup, and now I'm letting my hair grow. I feel really confident but my ultimate goal would be to pass as an actual girl from the face. My mom and dad are not giving me their approval anytime soon - I've done so much to be everyone's "poster child", and now I just want to break free from the boy everyone thinks I am. Any advice?

I was a tomboy. I admire girls. Am I straight ...

When I was a child, I was a tomboy. I had short hair and wore boys clothes and got teased a lot, usually called a "he-she". I simply liked short hair and loose clothes but as I got older I found myself curious about girls. I've always liked guys and have only dated and had sex with guys, but I look at and admire girls a lot. I used to look at girls only online because they turned me on and I thought that males, aside from their torsos, looked weird and even ugly. I dress, act, and look more feminine now, but also find that I'm fantasizing about girls and looking at girls more and even wishing I could try being with one. I do like and am used to guys though, and I get shy around girls even if they aren't bi or lesbian. I'm not sure if I truly am bi, because I'm not sure I would truly like to be with a girl in real life, and trying it scares me even though I also want to. Am I straight and this is just a phase, or should I try it? What should I do?

My cross-dressing boyfriend feels uncomfortable when I cross-dress

Hello! I am a woman in a long-term relationship with a man who came out as a transvestite about two years ago; several years after we began dating. He is the only man I have been sexually attracted to, otherwise I am almost exclusively attracted to women. I am confused about my gender identity. I had some discomfort with this when I was a child, but eventually made peace with my body and the urges to express my male-ness almost completely disappeared. With his coming out as a cross-dresser, my desires have returned and I have begun collecting male clothing again, and wearing it in private. I cut my hair several months ago, and my boyfriend and parents had a fit. My boyfriend is aware of my bisexuality, but my transvestism only comes out when I am drunk and it makes him extremely uncomfortable. My parents are neither aware of my gender nor sexual identification. What can I do about managing my attraction to women, and how do I explain all this to my family? Do I have to?

Is my coach lesbian ?

I have a coach and everyone thinks shes lesbian. She dresses like a guy and has worn her hair really really short her whole life. We've never seen her with a guy . . . but never with a girl either. We have suspisions but dont know how to tell exactly. How can we be sure if she is or not? What are some of the "signs" because we don't want to just come out and ask her.