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I didn’t come out to my dad – now I ...

I'm a 21 year old female in a long term relationship with another woman. I have been 'out' for about 3 years and have never experienced prejudice because of my sexuality, although I know my mum doesn't really like it. I've never spoken to my dad about it but i know his happy as long as I am. But recently I've been having horrible thoughts.For example if im watching tv with a sex scene, i think of my dad. i am not attracted in anyway and get frustrated that I cant stop these thoughts. Its like my mind wants to think of him in a sexual way but i manage to distract myself although I feel angry and sick. I have no thoughts of him when I'm having sex with my partner and it happens when im not distracted or busy. the thoughts happen about 10-15 times a day and its driving me mad. I dont understand it and I want it to stop. My partner is aware and reassures me that I'm not mad, but i feel lik i am. why after 3 years of being out does this happen?

I dont’ know how to get a girlfriend

Hi I'm Bisexual and at this time in my life i hate the idea of going out with a guy. I want a girlfriend, but I don't know how to get one. I can't just go up to a girl and tell her i'm bi and ask if she is too. I need advice, I feel like I'll never be able to get a girlfriend. What do I do?

My bi girlfriend flirts with girls, but doesnt’ like when ...

ok I go out with this bi girl and I noticed that she has been flirting with other girls while we're dating. I don't if I should get angry at that or if I should feel threatened by it but I have been angry about it. so wut I did I started to flirt with other girls and she started catching a fits and yelling at me -_- I don't know if I should be angry that she's flirting with other girls or not...

Why can’t I have an orgasm without disturbing fantasies?

I know that it's normal to fantasize about things you wouldn't actually want in real life, but what if these fantasizes are seemingly the only way I can have an orgasm? It's getting in the way of having an orgasm any other way, such as with my girlfriend. To get off, it's like I have to shut everything else out and focus on the fantasy. Tuning into her just doesn't seem to work. And it's not just her. It's everyone else I've ever been with, and it's not from lack of attraction to my sex partners. These fantasies are what I would consider abhorrent otherwise and I can't help but think to myself WHYYY does this do it for me? These fantasies typically involve gang rape by men and extreme humiliation (me being the object of it). And I'm a lesbian! It's ruining my ability to have sexual intimacy with my girlfriend What should I do? My girlfriend is really down on herself because she can't give me an orgasm... Does this require professional help? I CAN'T tell my girlfriend.

Why am i turned on by shemales (transsexuals)?

My Name is Chris I'm 21 years old. I have been watching shemale porn for around 5 years. I have a girlfriend who i have been going out with for 4 years and we have our own house and a loving relationship. shes been dropping hints about shemales and i think she has found some porn on the computer. i don't like men i just get turned on by shemales/TV's. and normal women . i cant talk to anyone about this as i am to embarrassed so i don't know what to do . should i stop watching the porn . why am i turned on by shemales so much.

Making friends (or more!) with girls

Hi I just had a question but before I tell you guys I just wanted to say thanks for the advice on what to do to get this girl to noticed me and thanks to Hillary and I just wanted to ask what kind of words should I use to approach nice, not to nice and not to mean, or mean girls so that they will like me as a friend and maybe more than just a friend, maybe a boyfriend, so what kind of words should I use to approach girls and by the way I'm in 7th grade but the year is almost over. I'm almost 13

Why do I need to fantasize about men to have ...

I'm a girl, dating a girl. We have sex all the time, but usually the only way I can have an orgasm is by imagining myself with a guy, or if I'm drunk. When I was with a guy, however, I never orgasmed, and found the experience uniquely unpleasant. I think women are beautiful, sexy and I get crushes on them all the time. I never get crushes on guys. I'm ashamed because the girl that I'm dating is wonderful, and everything else about our relationship is wonderful and amazing and I'm happier than I've ever been. I'd like to be with her for a long, long time. She just gets really, really disappointed when I don't have an orgasm, so I started imagining myself with a guy and it worked. My mom says that my not liking being with guys is because of my bad relationships with men. Now I'm afraid that this might be true, and that if it is, I shouldn't be with this girl, who I really want to be with. Can you please give me some advice or help? Thanks.

How do I keep my boyfriend though I’m insecure?

hi, I need your help, i have a syrian bf, we are here in dubai to work, we are almost 1 year now, but were always fighting because of my attitude, I want to stay with him i know he wants to, but sometimes, I'm very insecure with his brother who have a filipina bf too, because the filipina have everything, she's simple, she have good salary good job. but me, a lot of problems in my work, and when we have a group date, the brother of my bf & his gf, are very happy, but me and my bf we cannot do like what they are doing. I love my bf, but i fight him because i always put in my mind he is not proud of me. its almost 4 days now we did not see each other even phone calls nothing. i feel not good really, i don't know what i will do to let him to comeback, and i know im wrong because i think of this things, so he put in his mind i i always compare him to his brother, he put in his mind that he is nothing for me, but deep inside he's very important to me just i feel jealous and insecure, what i will do for him to comeback.

Am I allowed to have sex at my age ?

Am i allowd to have sex at this age? with another 14 year old at least she said shes been wanting it for a while now and i dont know what to tell her.... i feel as if i should because i know about safe sex, stds, and pregnency. my dad says its ok if i wear a condom but i just dont know what to do? any advice?????