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My friends say I’m only in a phase when I ...

Okay, Well I've recently accepted myself as a bisexual (I was kind of denying it before) and I've only just built up the courage to tell my closest friends...and a lot of them are just saying that I'm not really bisexual and its just a phase that i will get over..and i think that's a load of crap...they say I'm to young to define my sexual orientation yet...so, i just want to know if this is really just a phase..i don't think it is but..I'm feeling really upset and it feels like they are only saying that because they don't accept me Help?. Thank you.

I thought I was trans, but now I’m confused about ...

Alright so I'm a transsexual (ftm) but I kind of like to cross dress by wearing women's clothes so that would like...well that's weird I mean I'm basically just gender queer, I like wearing both women's and men's clothes but I don't feel comfortable in the female physical body! I think that makes sense. Anyways so with all that being discovered and finally coming out to myself in October I have a new problem, sexuality. You see I'm not sure if I'm like gay (like guys) or bisexual, pansexual or asexual. I like the look of most guys but I have found girls attractive as well. The thing is what's in their pants (penis/vagina) it doesn't appeal to me...at all. I'm not turned on by it. I'm turned on by the person's appearance, personality or the thought of engaging in sexual activities but I don't like private areas. I'm not even sure if I want a penis construction surgery anymore. I'm not even sure what to call myself as a trans or sexuality wise. Help?

Making friends (or more!) with girls

Hi I just had a question but before I tell you guys I just wanted to say thanks for the advice on what to do to get this girl to noticed me and thanks to Hillary and I just wanted to ask what kind of words should I use to approach nice, not to nice and not to mean, or mean girls so that they will like me as a friend and maybe more than just a friend, maybe a boyfriend, so what kind of words should I use to approach girls and by the way I'm in 7th grade but the year is almost over. I'm almost 13