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Quels sont les impacts qu’un TDAH peut avoir sur la ...

Quels sont les impacts qu'un TDAH peut avoir sur la sexualité? Je viens d'être diagnostiqué et je suis un peu overwhelmed, d'un côté j'ai l'impression que ça explique bien des choses et de l'autre, je sais pas quoi faire avec ça. J'ai toujours eu de la misère à me sentir connecté à mes partenaires et à rester dans le moment quand j'ai des relations sexuelles. J'aimerais pouvoir mieux profiter de cette intimité avec mon chum et aussi me sentir moins coupable quand ça m'arrive d'avoir de la misère à me concentrer. Alex

I feel I’ve wronged my parents by being gay

I am gay and I feel as if I've seriously wronged my parents. I never had any religious issues surrounding my self acceptance. Though I always felt that I should forget that I am gay, at least for a few years until I am financially independent. My parents are too conservative. They don't even expect me to date a guy before I marry...so, dating a girl and living with her, especially when homosexuality is illegal here and the society so rigidly patriarchal...they would think that its more of a mistake that should be corrected. And, right now I feel so unsure about my own life, both personally and professionally, that it grips me in guilt. I know that my parents have done so much for me, and by being gay, I've already put aside many of their expectations. I work really hard at my academics, but if my score falls below their hopes from me, that makes me feel twice as bad. I want to focus on what's important for me, but I don't know how to get my mind off all this?