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Am I asexual?

Let me start of by saying that I am happy, content and have a family that I truly love (you'll know why this is important). I'm 20 something person, who has a few friends and am happy about that. I don't mind being alone. I also on the other hand have violent thoughts and tendencies, which I really don't mind as long as I don't hurt anybody (I haven't and probably won't). I also watch porn and masturbate daily, mainly to avoid wet dreams (I watch legal 18+ non hardcore consensual films, for about 5 minutes to get the task at-hand done). I never ever had a girlfriend and don't plan on having one too. People mistake this for being shy, etc which I truly am not. I've have had girls hit on me from time to time. I also have a tendency of "putting them down" ungracefully in the hopes of not being their object of attention (I might have actually hurt some, though that's not my intention). I've had "crushes" VERY irregularly. I also, sometimes feel women are "yucky". I'm wondering if I fit the bill of being an asexual or am I just F-ed up? I also tend to be shy around the opposite sex (no I am not scared/terrified of talking to girls, etc). So is it asexuality or "just let me be me" kind of thing? I ask this because I have read that men are at their sexual peak at their 20's and sadly I feed very/no need to try to play the field. Does my behavior have any anomalies that could indicate a not so superficial problem?