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Negative beliefs about men might be ruining my relationship.

I have a lot of negative beliefs of men and relationships in general. My father cheated, my brother in law beat my sister and my mother almost "trained" me to hate men. But I have never doubted my sexual attraction to them. I am straight and know that. I am therapy because I have been sabotaging a relationship with a man who absolutely amazing and understands love better than most women, but all of a sudden all these thoughts keep trying to ruin it with him. All of a sudden after a session of therapy about my negative beliefs of men, this thought keeps causing me anxiety and pain, saying that I'm a lesbian. I don't think I am but it's really bothering me. Especially considering how happy I have been with my current boyfriend. I feel almost afraid of him. I'm still not attracted to women. I notice their beauty but I don't want to actually BE with them. I just have always felt it easier to open up to women than men. I have found a wonderful man and am afraid of ruining it because of...

I am scared of the reaction of my parents when ...

Well I am only 13, but I am bisexual. I have done stuff with bith, girls and guys. I told my dad beofre that I was bisexual, and he just said that I was going though a stage. I know I wasn't but I want to tell him again, and I want to tell my mom. I dont live with my mom, and it's harder to tell her stuff than to tell my dad. My dad is more understanding than my mom. I'm just scared of what they will say and I dont know how to tell them. Also I have a girlfriend. please help me. Thanks, JessMarie

I came out to my father but he denies it

About 3 months ago, I abruptly came out to my father ("Dad, I'm a lesbian...") I was positive that he already knew, and if not that, that he had some inkling, but apparently denial runs deeper than I thought. He ended up freaking out and went through a period of about 1.5 weeks where he didn't talk to me. Since them, we have gotten back to our old relationship, but with no mention of what happened, or my sexuality at all. I would like to start going to lgbt youth meetings in the city neighboring mine, but I'm afraid of how he'll react. What can I do?