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Do my dreams mean I am bi?

I'm a 16 year old girl. I've always thought that i was 100% straight but now I'm not so sure. I keep having these dream occasionally about girls. It never goes a lot further than kissing but I'm still really confused. Its usually a girl that I think is really pretty or an upperclassman that I admire in a way. I'm really confused because my last dream was about a girl on my school track team[which is pretty small], and now when i go to practice, i see her and feel weird. I don't know what to say to her and all I can think about is the dream. It is like on a projector in my mind and plays continuously. The team is pretty close though, so its not like i can just avoid her. How should i handle this situation? Do these dreams mean that I'm bi? I'm also kind of scared because if I am i don't know how to deal with it if I somehow am... I don't think my family would really get it and I'd be wicked scared to tell my friends. Help Please! I'm not sure how to deal...

How can I remain straight?

i am so confused i always try not to look at guys but its just happened, rarely i attract to girl i have had sex with guys and not much with girls. grown up with my sister and mum treat me like a girl change my thought. i havent told any body that i sleep with guy because i worry what they will think and say. truly i dont want to be gay but when i see a guy i feel something but not with girl. another thing its easy to find guys than girls. please help me to change my thinking to girls.

I might be ftm transexual

Hey This might seem like an odd question. I am currently female and present as female. However, I like women and I am very masculine yet feminine in some ways. I pass as a male at times. I have watched numerous FTM videos on YouTube and am starting to perhaps realise I may be ftm transexual. Being painfully shy I feel restricted and too shy to tell everyone. I would love to live as male but I think I fear transitioning because of family/friends and societys views. I am perceived as a straight female to most people but my family ( who know my ideas of transitioning ). I feel stressed about this. I'm not sure if it's the trapped feeling I feel or the fear of transitioning and my loss of my feeling of being accepted as noone knows. Let me know what you think. Thanks

How do I overcome this fear ?

I have been to this website before, and asked questions before but I just had one more. I am planning on telling my parents about my Transsexuality soon and beginning to live as female. I'll probably remain pre-operative for about six or seven years or as long as the process takes. I wrote them a letter telling them everything they need to be aware of, and asking for their support. They've asked me before about it and said they would be supportive if I was this way, but I am just uncertain of how to do this and I am scared, how do I overcome this fear?

I am a lesbian and I live in a very ...

I am a lesbian, but I haven't really told anyone. I live in a very religious area, and my family, and most of my friends are very religious, and homophobic. I'm a christian but I think that people are born gay. Growing up I have always been taught that being gay is dirty, and wrong. When I was younger I told myself it was wrong to like girls, and that I was disgusting. I got really depressed, and even tried killing myself, but no one ever really noticed. I don't know what to do. I'm getting depressed because I have to hide the real me. I have lost intrest in a lot of things, and my normally flawless grades have been slipping a lot. I keep telling myself that when I graduate high school I'm going to go far away where I can meet people who accept me for who I am, but that still doesn't help much. I know I need to tell people about this, but a lot of people that I know don't believe in depression, and that if you're a Christian it's impossible to be depressed. What should I do ?

My dad tried to kill himself, what should I do ...

i have 2 things to ask ok my dad tried to kill himself and my mom and dad are splitting up and my dad is looking at a job in alaska and i live in colorado and i dont want to move there and leave all my friends and im afraid that my dad will try to kill himself again and he really goes threw with it and my mom and sister want me to stay with my mom and my dad wants me to go with him and me and my dad do have a good life together but i want to know who should i go with my dad or my mom oh yah me and my mom have a good life too so yah thats what i need help with who should i go with..this is my second one..this one is about my dad to.when my dad tryed to kill him self i came home and he left all these signs all over saying hes killed him self and dont come up stairs (he tryed to kill him self with a grill) but the grill left this heavy smell but he taped the door shut and i kicked the door down and there he was with fome coming out of his mouth..i have bad dreams that..what should i do