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I think I have sadism, gender, sexuality issues

I think I may be having gender, sexuality and sadism issues. Where gender is concerned, I'm biologically female. However, I completely loathe the idea of anyone perceiving me as such, but I know there's no way for me to be male and I don't want to be one. I'd prefer to be neither or both. And I'm not attracted to men or women- but I am really attracted to the idea of them being hurt, sexually or otherwise. Whenever I hear that some young, promising person has committed suicide, or a very loved child has been murdered, it really excites me, until I realize how disgusting that is and I don't know what to do. Part of the reason why I don't want to be perceived as female is because they are perceived as vulnerable- I like that on other people but not me. I don't think any of this is right. I have no romantic options like this, I would like them, but I just don't like other people. Am I sadistic + asexual or just messed up in the head? How can I accept it or change?

I didn’t come out to my dad – now I ...

I'm a 21 year old female in a long term relationship with another woman. I have been 'out' for about 3 years and have never experienced prejudice because of my sexuality, although I know my mum doesn't really like it. I've never spoken to my dad about it but i know his happy as long as I am. But recently I've been having horrible thoughts.For example if im watching tv with a sex scene, i think of my dad. i am not attracted in anyway and get frustrated that I cant stop these thoughts. Its like my mind wants to think of him in a sexual way but i manage to distract myself although I feel angry and sick. I have no thoughts of him when I'm having sex with my partner and it happens when im not distracted or busy. the thoughts happen about 10-15 times a day and its driving me mad. I dont understand it and I want it to stop. My partner is aware and reassures me that I'm not mad, but i feel lik i am. why after 3 years of being out does this happen?

I don’t like calling myself a lesbian, and I want ...

What am I? I'm 23, female I have a girlfriend we have been together for 3 years that makes a lesbian right? but, i do not feel comfortable saying that i am a lesbian, i don't like when people points and says you're a lesbian because i don't really feel like a lesbian. It feels weird to say "i am a female" and i know for sure i don't want to be a man, people usually mistakes me for a boy but i have a big breast that makes me look like a woman, i would like to get chest surgery because I've always wanted to get rid of my boobs i don't like them at all. I love my vagina. I love, love women but I often have sexual dreams about men but i don't think i can be with one. I like the idea of looking like girlyboy or a boyishgirl but i don't know why I've always think that way i feel really confused i don't fit in,i don't like the idea of being a lesbian just because i was born a female and like females or being a FTM just because i want to get rid of my boobs and wanna look boyish, Please help meee!!

I felt guilty about masturbating. Now I keep thinking about ...

I am Johnn and i just became 19 To start first i hope that you help as much as i can as i cannot afford counseling at the moment.As far as i can remember i liked girls since 8years old or maybe 7 something like that, i had gotten an erection with a woman in an advertising back then, however i felt guilty about it and i suppressed my horniness ,until the age of 12 which a friend told me about masturbation, i started masturbating thinking of women naturally,but then 3 things happened. At age 13 i tried women clothes and liked them,a little before 14 i tried anal masturbation and liked it,at 14 i wanted to do me anal a friend of mine which did not happen,all this things happened so fast and even now i can say i am not attracted physically to men but i like thinking of penis a lot!I've only fell in love with women in the past,but now that i think of penis,i get so excited that i cannot think of them anymore,what happened to me?i am also a person who does not feel comfortable around women? Help!

Do my dreams mean I am bi?

I'm a 16 year old girl. I've always thought that i was 100% straight but now I'm not so sure. I keep having these dream occasionally about girls. It never goes a lot further than kissing but I'm still really confused. Its usually a girl that I think is really pretty or an upperclassman that I admire in a way. I'm really confused because my last dream was about a girl on my school track team[which is pretty small], and now when i go to practice, i see her and feel weird. I don't know what to say to her and all I can think about is the dream. It is like on a projector in my mind and plays continuously. The team is pretty close though, so its not like i can just avoid her. How should i handle this situation? Do these dreams mean that I'm bi? I'm also kind of scared because if I am i don't know how to deal with it if I somehow am... I don't think my family would really get it and I'd be wicked scared to tell my friends. Help Please! I'm not sure how to deal...

Je veux ma liberté mais je l’aime!

Bonjour, je vis avec une fille depuis un peu plus d'un an. Mais depuis peu, j'ai commencé à me demander si je l'aimais à ce point et si c'était vraiment avec elle que je voulais faire ma vie. Depuis, nous sommes comme qui dirait en "break". Je suis vraiment confuse. Je sais qu'avec le temps, la passion s'en va. J'ai soif de frissons. Je regarde d'autres filles tout le temps. Pourtant, je l'aime beaucoup, mais je ne sais plus si c'est de l'amour ou de l'attachement. En plus, je me suis acheté une maison et elle déménage avec moi. Je ne sais plus quoi faire. Je ne veux ni la perdre, ni lui faire de mal, mais en même temps, je veux avoir ma liberté. Et je sais bien que cela la blesse. S'il vous plaît, aidez-moi! - Mélanie

My friend likes me, am I responsible?

This post is more or less a question that I have been pondering. I have this female friend that is also bi-sexual. In the beginning I was very interested in her and I let her know that in more of an indirect way, but none the less, we were attracted to one another. Well, a few weeks past and I found my present boyfriend. I didnt know how to tell her that I was in a relationship so I avoided the subject untill she caught on. This hurt her, and she talked to me about it. She told me how she was still very interested in me and how it was hard for her to hold back because I had a boyfriend. But, of course she is strong and I thought she got over it, over me. Untill the topic was brought up by a few random people who said that "she only believes in this because you believe in it, she does this because you do, she is swayed by what you do just because she is in love with you" That statement drove me into rage and I was numb about it for the rest of the day. But then I got thinking, I respect her, I believe what she says, she is true to herself, right? She wouldn't be something other than herself just because I am around, right? It is only concerning to me because she is a good friend of mine and it is one thing to know that someone has feelings for you, but another to know that the feelings they express to you are not pure. I am confused of course. I am confussed because I am unsure wheather or not I should think beyond the thoughts that were provided to me by those random people, should I find truth in that or should I trust my friend, my friend that is "in love with me"