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I want to talk to her but how ?

hey! okay so i really like this girl; and her facebook page says she is interested in men and women :) so i realllly like her but she has no idea who i am! i go out of my way just to get a glance of her. im bisexual i guess..but have not told ANYONE! she is so beautiful.and i wanna get to know her..but once again she doesnt even know who i am. ive had a crazy crush on her for about 4 months..and the crush gets deeper and deeper everytime i see her. i wanna talk to her but HOW?! do i just go up to her and say hi?! that would be wierd..shed probaly get wierded out. so what do i do?! i cant stand this pain of not tlaking to her!! i wanna get to know her!! what do i do?! :(