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Did I condition myself to like guys? And help for ...

So, I have always questioned my sexuality. When I started "self-pleasuring" myself about 3 yrs. ago I only ever thought about girl. When I realized that this wasn't exactly normal, I started forcing my self to thing about guys. So now, I have dated guys, but I don't really feel an emotional attraction to them (only very little). Sexually speaking, the idea of penetration doesn't bother me, but thinking of a penis doesn't really turn me on. With girls, I am very attracted to them physically. So am I bi?... Did I in a way condition myself to like guys all those years ago?...Or am I a lesbian in denial? Also if there is any advice for a gay teenager whose Christian, that would also be very helpful. Thank you <3 Krisy

I’m jealous of

Could I be transgendered? Since I can remember I have fantasized (masturbated) about being a woman having sex with a man. I am extremely attracted to women but find it hard to be physical with them. Men do not turn me on, only when Im picturing myself as a woman. And even then I focus more on my visual aspects, smooth legs, breasts, nice curves and such, this is what really turns me on. Also if the man is dominating. I know that everything I have described is only sexual and that there is a lot more to being transgendered than simply having sexual fantasies. Sometimes I feel comfortable in my own skin and other times I get jealous when I see girls having girl talk and very much so want to be apart of their world. I can't quite say if I feel like a woman inside, at this point I really can't tell. Do my sexual fantasies mean that I may be transgendered?

My cross-dressing boyfriend feels uncomfortable when I cross-dress

Hello! I am a woman in a long-term relationship with a man who came out as a transvestite about two years ago; several years after we began dating. He is the only man I have been sexually attracted to, otherwise I am almost exclusively attracted to women. I am confused about my gender identity. I had some discomfort with this when I was a child, but eventually made peace with my body and the urges to express my male-ness almost completely disappeared. With his coming out as a cross-dresser, my desires have returned and I have begun collecting male clothing again, and wearing it in private. I cut my hair several months ago, and my boyfriend and parents had a fit. My boyfriend is aware of my bisexuality, but my transvestism only comes out when I am drunk and it makes him extremely uncomfortable. My parents are neither aware of my gender nor sexual identification. What can I do about managing my attraction to women, and how do I explain all this to my family? Do I have to?

My fiancé may be bisexual. How can I change him?

Hi. I discovered that my fiancé enjoyed watching not only regular heterosexual porn, but also gay and "she-male" porn & when I told him that I thought he was bisexual, he didn't argue. I am wondering if there is anything (as a woman) I can do to guide him gradually/gently more toward being heterosexual and so over time he prefers to be heterosexual or at least not desire the same sex as much? I'm seeking any tips you can give me (i.e. sexual, emotional, mental) so I can just try them out. This is a very important matter to me. I would appreciate anything you can give me, including links to articles (other than the ones I already have which just explain homosexuality and bisexuality). Thanks for your time.

Am I allowed to have sex at my age ?

Am i allowd to have sex at this age? with another 14 year old at least she said shes been wanting it for a while now and i dont know what to tell her.... i feel as if i should because i know about safe sex, stds, and pregnency. my dad says its ok if i wear a condom but i just dont know what to do? any advice?????

I want sex with guys, but to have a girlfriend. ...

I used to look at gay porn A LOT and i loved it. but i always would want a girlfriend and i would try to get one. i would get happy (and still do) when i thought of having one. i would only hook up with a guy, and thats it. i have rarely if ever thought about having a boyfriend. that grosses me out. so what does this mean?

Why can’t I have erection when I want to have ...

Hi there! I am 28 year old male and I feel I am gay (based on the attraction to other men). I haven't had sex with any men so far, but since I have an erection when I like someone then this proves that I am a homosexual. Besides, I tried to have sex once with a woman, but I couldn't get any erection. I would gladly like to convert myself into heterosexual but I am fairly unsure if it is possible. I really hate what I am and even come to the idea of suicidal but I am glad that I haven't had sex so far with people of the same sex (i.e. males). Unfortunately, I haven't had sex even with females; this is due to my inability to get erection. I feel like I can beat what I am like since whenever I watch movies solely with naked girls (no men) I masturbate watching them and explode when I cum since I get my thoughts deep into those girls and I feel like I am having sex with them. I also used to masturbate thinking the opposite (i.e. having sex with men), but I am trying to get rid of these thoughts as I want to become a heterosexual. My questions is: Why can't I have erection when I want to have sex with a girl? Profuse Thanks, Benny