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How can I get her to give me another chance?

My gf and I have hit a rough spot and no one can give me any advice or even tried I guess. Either way she's denying that she ever loved me since I yelled at her saying she didn't. Now after three months of that she finally broke it off completely saying that being with me was more of a chore and she couldn't think of me as a gf anymore. How can I fix this? Should I give her tons of space and try again? Even though she doesn't want to try anymore? I love her deeply and I already know what I need to fix in our relationship but I need to know how to get that chance. Please help!

i’m a guy in love with my lesbian best friend

I am a straight, 20 year old, male and I am madly in love with a lesbian. I met her my first year of college, and I was so certain, from the very moment she sat down in front of me in my math class, that she was the one for me. I was absolutely heart broken when I found out she was gay. Not that I had an issue with her orientation, rather because I knew there was very little chance she could ever have feelings for me. I knew it would be best to just let it drop then and there. Yet, despite all reason, nearly two years later I have found myself even more in love with her. She is now my best friend, we share everything except the feelings I have for her. She knows this, but it is tough for us to bring the topic up and discuss it in depth. I know for my, and our friendship's sake, it is best to move on. But my stubborn hear won't let me. I can't feel anything for anyone else, and I am at an absolute loss as to what I should do.