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Ma blonde croit être bisexuelle…

Je suis en couple depuis 3 ans avec ma blonde. Elle m'a toujours dit qu'elle était lesbienne et a eu quelques blondes avant moi. Mais là, tsé, elle m'a avoué le mois passé qu'elle pensait quelle était bi en fait, quelle a réalisé qu'elle pouvait avoir une crushe sur un gars. Ca me fait peur. J'ai peur quelle ait besoin de gars et quelle me quitte pour un gars. Cest tu vrai que les bis ont absolument besoin des deux sexe? J'ai peur aidez-moi svp.

I don’t want to make the same mistake twice !

I have a crush on one of my female friends. She knows I'm gay, I do not what her orientation is. Every time someone else asks her who she likes, or if she's ever liked anyone, she always avoids the question. But like I said, I really like her. I'm wondering whether to tell her or not. Last year, i was in something of the same position, and the other girl freaked when I told her. I DO NOT want to make the same mistake twice. Last year hurt like anything. The other problem is that we're both in the same tight group of friends, and I have a feeling telling her, if the feelings were not mutual, would screw up the whole group. (It would cause a lot of incredibly awkward situations at best.) Do I tell her? If anything, is there a way to inquire her own sexual orientation without being terribly blunt? Friggin' middle school drama.

I don’t have many chances to talk to boys, but ...

I'm a 16 year old girl. I've never had a boyfriend before. I don't have any brothers and I go to an all girls school. I don't socialise with people outside of my immediate family and school friends, so I don't have any friends that are boys (as opposed to boyfriends). Recently I was talking to a boy I met on a volunteer programme. I thought he was nice, but I wasn't sexually attracted to him. This got me worried about why I wasn't attracted to him. I began to worry that I might be gay, even though it had never ever occurred to me before. Once I started thinking about it, I couldn't get the thought out of my head. Suddenly, I began to find women sexually attractive, even though I never had before. I have always found guys good-looking, but I have always known when girls were pretty as well. All I've ever wanted, old-fashioned as it sounds, is to get married to a man and have children. I don't understand this. I don't have a crush on any girl at all, and never have. Please help.

Where could I meet more bisexuals in Vancouver, B.C.?

i think i'm bi because i'm attracted to both females and males. i was wondering where could i meet more bi's in my area? (vancouver, bc, canada) i'm 14 and i have a crush on my friend and i recently found out she is also bi ,should i ask her out or should i just try to get to know her better? i'm not that close to her btw.

I have a crush on my work colleague who flirts ...

HI. I have always been dating guys, but somehow I find myself attracted to girls. I think I might be bi. Anyways, there is this girl i just started working with, i didn't like her at first, but all of a sudden something changed in me and now i have a huge crush on her! She even flirts with me a little. She told me she was dating someone, but I just want to know if she could be interested in me. She even calls me babe a few times. IS she bi or just being flirty?

How do I tell my friend I like her when ...

I'm a high school student and I've always had crushes on guys, but they types of guys I liked were "unattainable", whether they were married or whatever. Anyway, just recently I've started having "thoughts" about one of my female friends at school. I mentioned the "unattainable guys" because I think that subconsciously I was picking them because I didn't really want to get the guys. I've always been a tomboy and all; people, even my parents, have thought that I could be a lesbian or bisexual. Anyway, my concern isn't about my sexuality, I don't care if I'm bi, gay, or hetero, all I want to know is what do I do about this friend of mine. I really like her and all. I think about her constantly and she's the only person I ever WANT to hang out with. I want to tell her because it would be so lovely to BE WITH her, but I'm afraid that she will be scared off by my little dilemma. I've never done something like this and would love to know "how do I tell her"?

My friend likes me, am I responsible?

This post is more or less a question that I have been pondering. I have this female friend that is also bi-sexual. In the beginning I was very interested in her and I let her know that in more of an indirect way, but none the less, we were attracted to one another. Well, a few weeks past and I found my present boyfriend. I didnt know how to tell her that I was in a relationship so I avoided the subject untill she caught on. This hurt her, and she talked to me about it. She told me how she was still very interested in me and how it was hard for her to hold back because I had a boyfriend. But, of course she is strong and I thought she got over it, over me. Untill the topic was brought up by a few random people who said that "she only believes in this because you believe in it, she does this because you do, she is swayed by what you do just because she is in love with you" That statement drove me into rage and I was numb about it for the rest of the day. But then I got thinking, I respect her, I believe what she says, she is true to herself, right? She wouldn't be something other than herself just because I am around, right? It is only concerning to me because she is a good friend of mine and it is one thing to know that someone has feelings for you, but another to know that the feelings they express to you are not pure. I am confused of course. I am confussed because I am unsure wheather or not I should think beyond the thoughts that were provided to me by those random people, should I find truth in that or should I trust my friend, my friend that is "in love with me"