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I don’t want to be gay because it will perpetuate ...

I don't want to come out because the people who have suspected me as being gay will be right. When I was in junior high, I was bullied and called gay.. And back then I thought I was completely straight. It angers me to know that the bullies were right. I also don't want to come out because I feel bad for guys like me who actually are straight. I am afraid that I am a gay stereotype. I feel that by coming out I am contributing to this stereotype. I just know there are guys out there, who are like me, who got teased when they were younger, because they didn't play sports, or liked musical theatre, but WEREN'T gay. I'm angry that some 12 year old in junior high was right about me being gay because I crossed my legs in class.

I came out to my father but he denies it

About 3 months ago, I abruptly came out to my father ("Dad, I'm a lesbian...") I was positive that he already knew, and if not that, that he had some inkling, but apparently denial runs deeper than I thought. He ended up freaking out and went through a period of about 1.5 weeks where he didn't talk to me. Since them, we have gotten back to our old relationship, but with no mention of what happened, or my sexuality at all. I would like to start going to lgbt youth meetings in the city neighboring mine, but I'm afraid of how he'll react. What can I do?