28 septembre 2023

Where could I meet more bisexuals in Vancouver, B.C.?

i think i’m bi because i’m attracted to both females and males. i was wondering where could i meet more bi’s in my area? (vancouver, bc, canada) i’m 14 and i have a crush on my friend and i recently found out she is also bi ,should i ask her out or should i just try to get to know her better? i’m not that close to her btw.

Julie Nguyen

Hi Chris,

Thank you for writing to Alterheros. I would like to answer your question in two parts. First, I would like to give you the results of a little online research I did to find places where you can meet other people who are bisexual. And second, I would like to give you my personal advice about the crush you have on your friend.

You can visit http://binetbc.bi.org/events.html. BiNet BC is the Bisexual Network of British Columbia. You can find links to events and groups where you can share your feelings and listen to other people's experience of what it means to be bisexual. From my research, it seems that Gab Youth http://www.qmunity.ca/youth/gab-youth-services/drop-ins/ provides weekly drop-ins that would be a great place to meet youth: make friends, talk to staff who are specialized in discussing gender and sexual orientation identity. You can join activities like watching movies, workshops on different topics, holiday parties, etc. Here is a link to additional resources in the Greater Vancouver Area: http://www.qmunity.ca/youth/youth-resources/greater-vancouver-resources/

As for your friend, my advice is simple; I think you should follow your heart. You should follow your intuition; often there are cues that people give us to let us know that they are interested in getting to know us better, either as friend or as potential partners. The most important is to feel comfortable and happy around someone, so you should just be yourself and enjoy moments that you spend with her. If she seems to enjoy them as much as you do, you can suggest to meet more often. Don't worry, just be yourself! Also, by getting to know her better, you will be able to show her you care for her; find out what activities she likes to do, what music she likes, what books she reads, and then you can suggest sharing your music, or bringing her to your favorite places in the city. By sharing special moments like these, you will create special bonds. I am certain that if there is chemistry, the relationship will take its natural course.

Hope it helps! Do not hesitate to send us more questions,

Take care,


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