17 février 2009

Where can I marry my same-sex partner ? I live in Ohio !

As a young adult, having been with my boyfriend openly and accepted by my family and friends for more than 2 years now, I feel as though we’re both ready to take our relationship to a ‘promissory’ level, and have some sort of commitment ceremony. I live in Ohio, and there is next to nothing that is ‘legally’ recognized, however, I would more than love for a ceremony of some kind to take place, even if it’s not recognized legally. What are my options, and where should I go from here? Thank you for your time!

François Paquette

Hi Joey !

Thanks for writing to us. You are right : there is nothing legally recognized, for same-sex couples, in Ohio ; and your neighbors (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, etc) don’t recognize it either… In USA, the only states that recognize marriage is Connecticut and Massachusets. Other states recognize civil unions, like California, D.C., Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Vermont and Washington state. Also, Canada (where AlterHeros is) fully recognize same-sex marriage, in all the provinces and territories (its a federal law). So, if you want your union to be legally recognized, your best solution would be to move…

If not, there is a church (Metropolitan Community Church) that performs same-sex weddings, that are not necessary legal, but are spiritual. In Ohio, there are three of those churches : http://www.mccchurch.org/usa/ohio.htm

Of course, this is a better option if you and your boyfriend are spiritual…

In Canada, we have a church called United Church, who is performing same-sex weddings ; I don’t know if they also are in USA… you can make some research about it…

Hope it makes you good options !

Thank you for writing to us

François, for AlterHeros.