My wife is totally ignorant about sex, what should I do ?

my wife says god give us babies. she is totally ignorant about conception and child birth .she does not let me touch her . i am tired explaining the way of reproduction but she simply denies . i have tried stimulating photos videos and all but nothing helped me .she is illiterate its 4 yrs since we married and all are asking for us to have babies but i have that problem i have not tried medicenes what should i do.she has normal monthly cycle and oogenesis


Hi Syamdas,

You are facing a problem that seems qui hard to solve. Trying to change somebody’s belief is not an easy thing to do. I’ll try to give you different tips to follow that I hope will help you out. First of all, stimulating videos and photos might not work because she may not see sexual activity as you see it. If you can, try to get pictures of her or your child birth. That’s if you have any. Get somebody close to her, her mother or a relative to talk to her about their pregnancies and conception.

If she believes God gives children then there is a religious belief that can’t be ignored. Talking to a priest or somebody of her religions group about children and the both of you as a married couple might help. Talking to people she trusts and values and getting different opinions could be the answer. Sometimes we need to hear it from somebody else to believe it. Have you talked about why she doesn’t let you touch her? Try to get her talking to you and trying to discus children.

If she can’t read, an illustrated book about conception would be the best. You could also see a professional with her. A visit to the doctor, a nurse or a counsellor in your region is another solution. There are no medicines that can get her pregnant without having one of her eggs fertilised by one of your spermatozoids. So unless you are looking at artificial insemination, medicine isn’t the way to go.

Feel free to write back if you encounter more problems

Team Alter Héros