How long has Alterheros been helping people?

Hi Walter!

It’s unfortunate our history is only available on the french version of the website, but translations for the english version are under way!

Here is what you need to know!

The concept for Alterheros came to be in April 2001. The original website was launched in August 2002, and the Alterheros Zone was launched in October 2004. May 2004 marks the first time questions were publicly answered in the Ask An Expert section and we are still going strong, and adding more and more volunteers to make sure all questions get answered in a timely fashion!

It’s nice to know we have interaction with people who come back again and again to ask us questions, just like you do!

I hope you are well, and thanks for your interest in Alterheros!


Dee for Alterheros

About Dee Gamme

Dee holds a baccalaureate in Fine Arts in Cinema (Specialization in Film Animation). She's also an event producer/promoter in the Queer community, mainly working with independent musicians and visual artists. Dee was a volunteer in the "Tell the experts" team for 2 years before being given the opportunity to become Outreach Director. Heading the Anglophone Team since early 2009 has been a great experience!

I like being involved at AlterHeros because it helps keep me in touch with the Queer community. I also love to help others and I am interested in psychology and coming out issues.

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