17 mars 2009

Can blood in a mouthwash cup transfer HIV?

What is your sexual orientation ?
I have a question, earlier today I used mouth wash in the morning. Like always in the morning, I am very tired and did not notice there was blood in there. And i do not know whose blood was it. I asked my brother who shares the mouthwash cup with me and he replied not using it the night before or in the morning. So do I have any chance for me to get infected the HIV or AIDS virus. It has been bothering me since.
please reply thanks a lot


Hi Kenjin,

While HIV/AIDS is an illness that can be transmitted via contact with

an infected person’s blood, I would hold off on that self-diagnosis

unless there is some other reason for jumping to this conclusion.

If the blood in the cup you used was not your own, it is certainly

reasonable to ask whose it was. Presumably it belongs either to you or

to your brother, as you are the only two people who use this cup. So

first things first: get your own cup! It’s unsanitary to share

intimate items like this with other people, even if they’re family

members. You wouldn’t share your toothbrush with anyone else, so don’t

share your mouthwash cup, either.

Secondly, the blood you have come in contact with will not transmit

HIV/AIDS unless the person it belongs to is already infected. So,

unless your brother (or some mysterious person who broke into your

house in the middle of the night to bleed into your mouthwash cup) has

AIDS, you are not at risk.

Finally, I’m not a doctor, but as far as I’m aware, the HIV/AIDS virus

can only be transferred to your system by contact with infected blood

if you have some kind of an open sore that would allow access to your

bloodstream. I suspect that the blood you found was from brushing your

teeth, which is common, and this poses little threat. If you’re really

worried about it, however, I would recommend visiting your doctor for

an HIV test to soothe your fears.

– Laura

for Alterheros