5 juillet 2006

Are there any support group for transsexuals in Canada ?

I’m trangender. For awhile I was wondering if I was a lesbian or something, but then I started realizing that mentally i’m a boy. I really want the operation but I don’t know much about it. Also, I’m considering getting hormones.
My parents are really religious and i can’t locate a support group in canada. are there any?

sabrina prégent

Hi Aideyn,

I understand you need to meet others transsexual people. However, I don’t know where you live so it is difficult to me to refer you to a support group near of where you live. If I knew in wich Canada’s province you live, it would have been easier.

In your message, you wrote that you want to get operations. Do you already take hormones? If not, do you know you have to take hormones since 2 years to be able to get sex reassignment surgeries? I will give you some interesting sites wich will give you some information about transsexuality and trans’ operations: http://transsexual.org/aprimer.html , www.transalba.org/whatIsTranssexuality.doc ( a document that you should accept to open it to read it), www.students.vcu.edu/counsel/safezone/trans_flyer_ncod.html and http://www.rainbowcenter.uconn.edu/transgender.html

TransAlba Transsexual Support is a support website for trans people( www.transalba.org ). Don’t hesitate to visit it!

Project 10 is a Montreal’s organization who offers services for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans youth. There is a group at Project 10 the wednesdays from 7 pm to 9pm. You can call 514-989-4585 if you living in Quebec, around Montreal City. If not, Project 10 also has online support groups. If you want to subscribe to Rag-Tag, a trans support group, write an email to p10_montreal@yahoo.ca and say you want to become a members of Rag-tag group. Project 10 need your email adress to be able to send you an invitation.

If wish you will be able to find information you need with the resources I give you. If you wan’t to know some community organisations wich are near of your house, please write another question and then, don’t forget to write the province/state where do you live and, if you want, your city.

Sabrina, AlterHéros