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Can trauma impact on gender identities?

Can trauma impact on gender identities because I feel more feminine during the day and masculine during the night but I realised years and years before I did feel masculine and feminine but there wasn’t a time where I would feel that, it was more random and kind of just there but now it’s becoming a time for my genders. I remember traumatic times happens at night from my mum when I use to live with her and that might’ve affected my masculinity to come out at night. Otherwise I’m unsure why I feel more masculine at night, why night, I’m still confused if my trauma isn’t the answer.

I am attracted to my teacher who has an history ...

I am attracted to my teacher, and he might be attracted to me. These are the reasons why this has crossed my mind several times. For example, when I asked my close friend Joe if he wanted me to kiss his hand because he had hurt it, my teacher overheard and said « Were you being suggestive there Millie?' I answered « No, sir.» but then he said « Were you being naughty? » and looked me up and down. The way he said it and the way he looked at me was just not right. He also touched my hand. He is an ICT teacher and once, he put his hand over mine in class to move my mouse. It made me feel weird, the way his hand was on mine. And I found out that some time ago, he was suspended for texting my friend's sister and planning to meet her outside of school hours. Therefore he has a history of getting involved with his students. The absolute worst part about this whole thing is that I am very much attracted to him. But I know what is right and wrong. I know it doesn't feel right but I need someone to tell me if I am overreacting. I really like him!

I have been penetrated with a finger, could I have ...

Dear Alterheros team, I sent an email asking something that maybe sounds a little stupid but it is worrying me a lot. Last Friday, I was in a sauna and at a point I was flirting with someone older than me, someone I did not know and suddenly being close to him he put his finger through my anus, he did it very roughly and quickly as soon as I realise what was happening I pushed him away, after this incident my rectum was in pain for 3 to 4 days. I have never had any experience like that, so I got worried as soon as I left this place as I have heard that AIDs and other STDs can get into your body very easily. I did not have time to check if this man had wounds on his fingers, maybe not, may be for him this is normal but for me I got scared as never experienced anything like that. Could you please advice me what to do? Do you think I have risked my health with this incident? Thanks in advance

Story – From Blood Red to Noble Purple

The muggy air embraced them as they stepped beyond the clamourous din of the club; the rhythm of the music continued from somewhere behind them as they stumbled toward the road. Around them, clouds of cigarette smoke looped in strands and swirls like the silky ribbons on a young girl's new Sunday dress: innocent and elegant in their light-hearted parade. The scent of newly-lit weed accompanied the tobacco's stale odour, mingling and blending with the smell of alcohol.