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I’m looking for youth trans resources in Montreal.

I’m a gender and sexualities educator for youth, and I was recently asked a couple of questions about Montreal resources that stumped me. One participant asked if I knew of any trans-friendly family doctors located in the West Island. Do you know of any resource lists of health professionals that I can direct them towards? Another question was regarding youth-friendly sexual assault support group resources (and ideally LGBTQ2+ friendly as well!) – I initially referred them to SACOMSS but I’m wondering if there’s another one that might be specifically targeted towards youth?

Can you be lesbian without a strong attraction towards anyone ...

Can you be lesbian without a strong attraction towards anyone yet? I’ve never really felt a strong attraction towards or had a crush on anyone of either gender yet. I’ve been questioning my sexuality for a while, and i started to think i might be a lesbian. This has lead me to the question, do i need to have felt a strong attraction or had a crush on a girl to be a lesbian? And does it really matter anyway? Many thanks, Samantha

I have tried out different labels, asexual, queer, lesbian, straight ...

Hey, so ive always sort of felt i was bisexual. since probably around 8, however recently (probably like 13) i realized that thats not true. i feel uncomfortable around men, im not sure if its just like a phobia or something to do with my dad (as i never knew him) the idea of kissing or intimately touching a man makes me extremely uncomfortable, ive had boyfriends in the past and being physically close to them is really really hard for me. even emotionally i dont know how to let them in, im worried it will always be this way as ive tried so many things and its all yet to work. i have tried out different labels, asexual, queer, lesbian, straight and nothing seems to fit right. for a little while asexual is what i went with even though i didnt think it fit right, because im not sexually attracted to anyone. being close to girls has always been easier for me, ive even kissed a few, hugging hand holding etc etc just works better but im not sure if its because i dont like females or because i do. it all just sort of blurs together and i never know what im feeling. i grew up in a home that wasnt very affectionate and so i was thinking maybe that had something to do with it? my parents didnt like eachother that much and fought a lot and again, i thought that mightve been a reason as to why i cant make meaningful relationships. i dont know really maybe this was a bad idea but if there was anything you could help me with, or anything you could like clarify for me it would be great. please get back to me :). Lala

Can you be a gender non-conforming woman?

I’ve always identified as a cisgender girl. Recently I’ve realized how restrictive gender feels. I don’t want to adhere to gender norms, rules or expectations. I just want to be myself. I like she/her/hers pronouns, I like being referred to as a girl. But inside, I feel like I don’t want to be labelled. For example, I don’t always shave, I sit with my legs wide open when I want to, i like feminine, masculine and androgynous styles... Maybe I want a label that feels more free, even if it’s temporary. Is it ok to explore and then change your mind about gender? Can you be a gender non-conforming woman? Could I identify as femme? Feminine-of-center? I have no idea. Should I continue to identify as a girl? (I don’t want to claim labels that are for trans and genderqueer people). Is this kind of feeling and questioning normal? Also, On a totally different note, are there sexuality or gender labels typically used by people of colour? Thank you Isa

I feel like I’m living in hell

This is not a gender or sexuality related question. It’s just a question I can’t ask anyone else and need professional opinion on. I feel like I’m living in hell. Genuinely I’m starting to lose the concept of reality cause everything in my life hurts so much. I think I might be living in hell and I’m sorta scared that 1- I’m right or 2- I’m going crazy or 3- I’m in so much pain this is the only awnser I can come up with. What do I do ? I’m scared