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Could I be non-binary or am I just trans?

Hello! My name is Ollie or Milo (still trying to think of a name for myself) I have been questioning my gender identity. These past months I have been thinking that I am not cis and came out as a transguy this month (still socially transitioning at the moment) thinking that I was trans and it was pretty well received but I am questioning that fact now. I am thinking that maybe I could be non-binary but still being more masculine leaning but still kinda like some feminent things. As well as I seen a lot of people in the non-binary community medically transition like a transwoman or transguy does so maybe it's possible since I would like to medically transition as well when I am old enough to do so and go by they/them and he/him pronouns. Could I be non-binary or am I just trans?

I’m 12 years old and I currently identify as genderfluid ...

Hi I am 12 years old Currently identify as Genderfluid But I am starting to question myself about whether I am or not but I know one thing for SURE I am not cis. I present Female but Mostly feel male/agender but i have these days where I either feel Nonbinary or like a Demigirl it is never fully female. so I need help because i have no idea what gender I am. I also have extreme anxiety so I haven't came out yet because I feel like my mom will hate me(She is very supportive of lgbtq so i know it is safe) i am just scared so if you have any suggestions i would like them. - Alex?( Dunno what my name is anymore)

Can trauma impact on gender identities?

Can trauma impact on gender identities because I feel more feminine during the day and masculine during the night but I realised years and years before I did feel masculine and feminine but there wasn’t a time where I would feel that, it was more random and kind of just there but now it’s becoming a time for my genders. I remember traumatic times happens at night from my mum when I use to live with her and that might’ve affected my masculinity to come out at night. Otherwise I’m unsure why I feel more masculine at night, why night, I’m still confused if my trauma isn’t the answer.

I’m looking for youth trans resources in Montreal.

I’m a gender and sexualities educator for youth, and I was recently asked a couple of questions about Montreal resources that stumped me. One participant asked if I knew of any trans-friendly family doctors located in the West Island. Do you know of any resource lists of health professionals that I can direct them towards? Another question was regarding youth-friendly sexual assault support group resources (and ideally LGBTQ2+ friendly as well!) – I initially referred them to SACOMSS but I’m wondering if there’s another one that might be specifically targeted towards youth?

I imagine myself as a lesbian – am I transsexual?

Hey, I'm  a 15 year old male and I'm really confused. I have always considered myself a normal boy, as a kid I liked playing with action figures and plastic army men. I have always been moderately masculine, and I'm comfortable with my gender. I've never had any homosexual thoughts. However, when I fantasize, nothing is as pleasuring to me as imagining that I am a lesbian, usually the one being dominated. I do get aroused by boy/girl fantasies (As long as I'm the boy, rather than some stranger). I don't have any desire to dress in womens clothing, but I did once when I was a kid. I'm comfortable with my body. The only problem is that I fantasize about being a lesbian. Am I transsexual? Thanks for the help. P.S Holy crap is there something wrong with the validation code? It took my like 30 tries to get it right.

My boyfriend wants to change gender, and I am uncomfortable ...

I'm 18 years old and my boyfriend is 24. He wants to change gender and he knows I'm bisexual. I tried to support him but I'm uncomfortable with this. Also, he was in a long-distance relationship and I'm pretty sure that he didn't break-up with this girl, because she is still sending him gifts and love messages. He knows I am in love with him and I'm scared he's using me. He has a lot of people who want to be with him and he never tells them that he has a girlfriend.

I would like to know about resources for transgender individuals ...

Okay so now that I am out to myself about being transgender, I was hoping you guys could tell me some names of support groups. I know you guys are in Montreal which sucks because I live in Hamilton, Ontario. So I was wondering if you knew any support groups in that area or Stoney Creek, Ontario. I'm having trouble finding them. Thanks for your help.

I like to cross-dress as a female, does this make ...

Much like a question I saw on your site, I like to crossdress in private & wish I was female. I love looking at the female body but wish I was one. When I crossdress I pretend I'm with a man and I masturbate. When I have sex with a woman I fantasize about being her or that I'm a woman & she's a man. I've been with lots of women but feel I'm more inclined to want to be a woman. I'm not sure if I'm gay because men do nothing for me unless I'm dressed & fantasizing about being a woman. But I know most women will not accept me as I am so should I date men? Am I a homosexual? I'm very confused right now. I have a daughter and a very religious family so I can't be a full time crossdresser.

I am androgynous and pansexual, but how do I communicate ...

Not to long ago I discovered that I was androgynous which was honestly the happiest day of my life. I've never felt so good to understand who I am. I'm also pansexual. But not a lot of people are familiar with these terms. A lot of people seem to blindly say things against who I am. I don't blame them for not knowing about androygnous but I do still hurt when they use words like daugther or girls or boys. I mean why must I choose a side? I just don't know how to get people to understand exactly what I mean. It's so hard to explain to them why I'm androygnous. I mean I didn't choose to be it I just chose to accept it and now I must try and and live with it and get by with all these questions like "please check male or female for your gender" I mean what do I pick? I'm reminded every time I sign up for something or even when I'm shopping in both "men" and "women" sides of the store. I don't know what to do anymore? How do I make this huge part of me known?!