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I have white bumps on my penis and a burning ...

I have these white bumps on my penis and I had them for a while now... I also had a really bad rash and the doctor gave me medication for that. How do I get rid of the white bumps? I don't feel safe when a woman wants to have sex with me, so I avoid them but the more I do they try harder. What could I do to make them go away? I can't see a doctor, as I have no insurance. The first place I went to was Planned Parenthood and that is where I got myself checked out, but they didn't do a good job. In addition, my penis hurts when I burns very badly. Can you help me?

Is it safe to swallow my partner’s vaginal fluid?

I am lesbian and during sex, I always swallow the liquid from my partner vagina. But now I am starting to worry… is this dangerous for my health? Does the action of swallowing this liquid have long-term consequences on my health? My partner cleans herself with antibacterial soap, but my question is related to the liquid that comes out during an orgasm. Thank you for answering my question

Getting tested for HIV – Part I

I'm home now, sipping some hot chocolate and dipping into it the occasional chocolate chip cookie and the wheels are finally turning. Which wheels? Well, the gears and pinions of bureaucracy. Long story short, I've finally set myself up for getting an HIV / AIDS test at my local CLSC. You see, in my defense, lately the winter in my part of Montreal has been rather cold. Not just cold, go get a sweater cold