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Pornography addiction, masturbation and sexual orientation: what’s going on with ...

I am in the early stages of puberty, which means i am very young. But i have a problem going for months now. I know that young boys, can be aroused to different kinds of pornography easily. I also had that phase, but i only masturbated on men turning into animals, men into girls, men into musuclar men, etc. It is very weird i agree. But i the really weird thing is i masturbate on gay pornoghrapy, i dont know why. but i think it was because i masturbated on muscular men than other transformations (tf's). I thought i was gay. But i dont think i am. I started to like "bulges" too. Then my brain wads crazy one day, i cant control of myself thinking about my friends being naked and having a gigantic penis. Last month was the most gay/muscular men masturbation i ever had. Im clearly addicted to it. Am i gay?, How can i stop doing this gay/muscular man masurbation?, And finally, After this phase, will i be using nrmal pornography/masturbating at the opposite sex ?

I’m afraid my boyfriend will act out his fantasies!

Hi. I have been in a relationship with my BF for 2 yrs and in the last year have discovered his desire for tr*nnies. (women with penises) He's been watching tr*nny porn for 8 yrs. and also watches hetero porn, and bdsm porn. (we also have BDSM scenes where I'm the Domme and usually have a strap-on on; which I of course love) I for some reason am uncomfortable with his tr*nny desires. I think I feel threatened by them and fear I will lose him to a tr*nny if he acted on his urges/fantasies (which I believe he wants to) We have discussed this and he claims to desire the taboo and doesn't need to act on it. I want to know if I should just let him find a tr*nny to put his fantasies to reality or just leave it behind a screen? I fear that he will want to act on it eventually anyway but if he does I will want to leave. He also claims he is not bi, but would like a 3some w another guy where he would be "forced" by me to suck the guy off. That sounds bi. Does it mean he is?What's your advice?

I am worried about being addicted to online porn

Before I say why the last five months have been so interesting, I will try and catch you up. All my life, I have been attracted to women. I can remember my childhood crushes, the girls I used to date, and the first time I snuck a peek at Playboy. Shannon Tweed, Heather Kozar...ahh such beautiful women! I grew up well, had wonderful girlfriends, all of my sexual fantasies and urges involved women, girls in class got me off, I loved the way they looked and felt, one girl in which I fell in love with for the better part of two years. I was a very happy man. In addition to this, I had a couple addictive/compulsive/obsessive things to my life and what I see now as the most troubling was an internet porn addiction. I looked at it every day since the age of 16. I loved it though and thought nothing was wrong. I gradually moved on to more hardcore stuff. What should I do now? Is there a way to get rid of this addiction, or is this just normal and I should not worry about it?