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My boyfriend rubbed his penis on my vagina, is there ...

I am a virgin and last day my bf roubbed his penis with my vegina....he is not sure that he ejacuted and it didn't get inside my vegina.... I was supposed to get periods on that day....but i didn't have my periods yet...its being just only 2 there any chnce of being pregnant...what should i do now

I have periods every 45 days

Hello, I am a 26 year old married Indian woman. I got married 6 months back.. My periods were very much regular before marriage that is in 30 days. But after my marriage I was relocated to UAE, and I started getting my periods once in 45 days. And that cycle is very regular but only problem is that it comes in 45 days. I talked to our family doctor in India and she has asked me to take iron tablets for 60 days. Will it help? Is there any side effect like weight gaining or something if I take those tablets? And please tell me weather there will be any problem if I am leaving this issue of 45 days periods, or let it be like that?? Please help me out.

I have had irregular periods for a year

I have been having trouble with my periods for the last year - I am 34 and seem to be showing some signs of menopause - this month I had a particularly bad period which I thought had finished on saturday and had no flow for about 24 hrs and then a small flood of hot translucent brown liquid which carried on for a few hours and then nothing again. It happened again today to a lesser degree. I had some blood tests done about 6 months ago and the doctor said all was normal - no infection - no hormone drop - can anyone give me any insight into this - it is unlikely to be an std - I have not been active for about a year!

Is the light bleed I had a month ago an ...

First thanks for the quick response. However, the reason I posted my question is because I did read the other posts and none really answered what I needed to know. So what I'll do is try to reword my request..... Is it possible that implantation bleeding not be just a light pink ....... Beginning of June I had what I thought was a period but only 2 days-not even a full two days. The blood was darker than normal but still accompanied by some brighter blood. Am I safe to say this was my period? When it did stop it was sudden and then nothing not even spotting since then.... Hopefully this clarifies what I am asking for. Thanks Lena b