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Pornography addiction, masturbation and sexual orientation: what’s going on with ...

I am in the early stages of puberty, which means i am very young. But i have a problem going for months now. I know that young boys, can be aroused to different kinds of pornography easily. I also had that phase, but i only masturbated on men turning into animals, men into girls, men into musuclar men, etc. It is very weird i agree. But i the really weird thing is i masturbate on gay pornoghrapy, i dont know why. but i think it was because i masturbated on muscular men than other transformations (tf's). I thought i was gay. But i dont think i am. I started to like "bulges" too. Then my brain wads crazy one day, i cant control of myself thinking about my friends being naked and having a gigantic penis. Last month was the most gay/muscular men masturbation i ever had. Im clearly addicted to it. Am i gay?, How can i stop doing this gay/muscular man masurbation?, And finally, After this phase, will i be using nrmal pornography/masturbating at the opposite sex ?

If I masturbate while thinking about men, does this mean ...

I think about men when I masturbate but I like women. I don't know if I'm gay or not because of this. I get called gay at school because of my voice. My voice has deepened a little bit since the 7th grade. I have had sex with a girl already and I'm totally straight. I love women. But I have emotional feelings for women and I don't know why I can't have physical feelings. So what I'm trying to ask is... if I masturbate while thinking about men and have physical thoughts, does that mean I'm gay?

Can masturbation affect your health?

I always feel like masturbating, as it gives me a lot of pleasure, but sometimes I fight myself to stop masturbating, because I think it will affect my health. I think it will make me weaker and thinner, because I want to do body building, and if I am thin how can I have a muscular body? Is it true that masturbating will affect me in that way?

I have sexual fantasies about my stepmother, and I don’t ...

Hello, I've just turned sixteen and for the past year or so I've been having sexual fantasies about my Step-Mom. I want to tell her, but I don't want her to hate me or feel disgusted by me. I know this could be due to hormonal changes, as she is the only female I see because I am home-schooled. I feel really horny around her and masturbation doesn't help, so I was wondering if there is anyway to stop this feeling without therapy? AlterHeros, I need your help!

Pain and mastubation

Hi! I am a young man of 28 years old and I haven't any experience with girls. I am handsome but I feel that I couldn't make a relation with girls. I am very hardworking in the faculty and I teach in the university but I am little shy. I masturbate many times everyday and my penis pains me. I need your help and advice to get rid of this habit and to keep my sexual health because I am still single. Thank you! - Baseel