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I’m attracted to girls but I don’t know wether I’m ...

I am 16 and I have had mistook "admiration" as "crush" a lot of times when I was small... And now knows that the "boy" crushes(3 to be exact) I had was just mere admiration to be like them....(I want to be more masculine) and I recently realised that I am attracted to girls... and if I were to date someone(or marry someone in the far future) then that 'someone' would be a girl... I don't label myself as lesbian because I am still confused as I have never got a crush and neither do I understand what actually is a crush..(and I truly don't understand the "butterfly in stomach" feeling everyone talks about) and also nowadays I question myself like "what if I am lying to myself about being lesbian" "am I being like this just to be different from others?" and such questions are making me more and more confused. Please help! I can't understand whether I'm lesbian or not!!

I’m a straight guy in love with my lesbian best ...

I’m a straight guy in love with my lesbian best friend I already told her about this and later on I asked if she ever did want to start a relationship with a guy would she give me a chance and she said yes without hesitation we are still close friends but I can’t stop thinking about her she all I can think about what do I do Vampire

Why does my college professor stare at me?

Why does my college professor stare at me? I'm a 22 year old med student and he's my 35 year old anatomy professor. Sometimes he's just sitting at his desk not even talking, while we're doing our work, and whenever I look at him he'll already be looking at me. He even stares at me until I look away. Now, I do find him attractive and I might've stared at him a couple of times because of that, but it was totally unconscious. What does this mean? I don't know if he's flirting with me or if he's just staring at me out of curiosity because he caught me staring at him too. I'm also a very shy girl so it was never my intention to let him know that I'm attracted to him. Now I'm kind of embarrassed.

Does my teacher have a crush on me?

Does a teacher have a crush on me too? Why does he always look at me? Long story short, I had a teacher last year and I have a crush on him. Never planned on acting on it, but I got threatened to confess and I felt really scared and pressured so I wrote a note. Anyways he keeps looking at me and it's been happening a couple of months now. I thought it was because he hated me for what I've done, but wouldn't he want to ignore me and try to forget about me? What's weird was once after school, I was walking to my bus stop for art class and we were walking the same way. Since he's a fast walker, he walked in front of me, but he kept looking behind at me. He did it maybe 4 or 5 times. Another case was when I was talking to my friends one time after school and sort of just looked at my direction for a good 2 - 5 minutes. I didn't know he was there until my friend told me quietly and I tried to stay calm and continue talking. Whenever he walks past my roll call (basically everyday), instead of looking straight ahead to walk to his class, he would look into my roll call class and look at me. If we're still lining up as he walks past he would look still. It's not like 'I'm looking at him so that's why he's looking at me because it's not'. but many times I didn't look at him, my friends would tell me he was when he's gone. I honestly don't believe he has a crush on me, but some for my friends said there's a chance and now I'm just curious ALDA

How to use gender neutral grammar in French?

Hi. First off, I love that this site exists:) I work at a middle school. Some of the french teachers have asked me how to use gender neutral grammar in french. There are some pronouns we know about, like ielle, or lelle. And one french teacher told me she's seen some gender neutral spelling of some subjects. But when it comes to making a full sentence, with adjectives, verbes... no one seems to have found a resource that explains making the whole sentence flow together, and how to conjugate all of the words together. My pronouns are They/ Them/ Their . When I have to write a report, and it needs to be in 3rd person, I use a capital for Them to indicate it refers to me, and not a group of people. It doesn't seem as simple for french. I also don't speak much french, so I don't even know what questions to ask to find out how to do it. Here are the resources the teachers showed me that they looked at. They also asked friends who work in the government, how they have seen this addressed, and didn't get very far... Thank you so much. Have a fantastic day!

Are you aware of any organizations in Montreal related to ...

Hi I know this question may appear on your question page but ask if possible to remove my name :) I'm an Addictions Youth Counsellor in Montreal, I'm writing because I have a bit of a dilemma. Our Youth Counsellor team has been requested to lead a youth group for one of the organizations we work with, and they asked us to create a "boys and girls" group, which is problematic and exclusionary. We are now brainstorming ways to create a more inclusive group and recognize that some of our clients are currently experiencing bullying by peers in relation to gender identity and sexual/romantic orientation. As well, we have the added difficulty of having to offer this service online, which complicates our ability to insure a safe & confidential space. So my main question is: are you aware of any organizations that would be willing to help us navigated or offer resources on creating a youth group that is more inclusive but still mainly focused on issues related to addiction and mental health? Any resources or suggestions would be much appreciated!