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I am lonely and I don’t know where to meet ...

hey there... 15..just moved to montreal and am dying of loneliness. i need to meet other gay guys..i am really depressed because i am so lonely. i dont know where to look to meet others. but i really need it. i cant take being alone anymore. its killing me. it affects every aspect of my life. i cant study cause i feel like crap all the time. i have no one i can talk. it would be much appreciated if you could provide me with any resources to help solve me poblem..thanks a million

I need to talk to someone about my sexual orientation ...

Hey! First, I'm a 14 years old girl. Seven months ago, I realised that I felt something more than friendship toward my best friend and since then, I've started to have thoughts about other girls as well and some dreams too. The other day, my sis and I watched Star Wars episode 2 again, because we found Hayden (Anakin) so cute and sexy. But this time, I was more looking at Natalie (Padmé). I thought I might be bi, or lesbian, I don't know. But I can't deny my attraction toward women; it's just too obvious that they turn me on. I'd like someone to help me, or at least to talk to me about that, but I'm not ready to "come out" and I don't even know what I should say if I did, so I decided to email you. Later, Chibi

Story – The Internet : Friend or Foe?

Want to hear about the newest, most comfortable, guaranteed-to-find-you-a-date gay pick-up place? A few hints: there is no nasty smoke to fan away, no shady drugdealing corners, and no chance of being caught on the eleven o'clock news. It doesn't offer drinks or food or fancy lighting, and there is no loud thumping dance music or soft lounge-like jazz. It's not a bar or a cafe or a bookstore or the supermarket. It's not even Home Depot. Would you believe that the easiest place to pick up potential gay mates is right here in Amsterdam, New York? Even closer than your backyard, the most happening place for us to meet is in our very own homes: on the Internet.