Category: LGBTQ-Phobia

Story – From Blood Red to Noble Purple

The muggy air embraced them as they stepped beyond the clamourous din of the club; the rhythm of the music continued from somewhere behind them as they stumbled toward the road. Around them, clouds of cigarette smoke looped in strands and swirls like the silky ribbons on a young girl's new Sunday dress: innocent and elegant in their light-hearted parade. The scent of newly-lit weed accompanied the tobacco's stale odour, mingling and blending with the smell of alcohol.

I came out, but why can’t people see that I’m ...

Me and my girlfriend recently came out, a little over 2 years ago.  How can we let people know that we are the same people?  Some people say that we have changed. Yes, maybe in some ways such as we are happier people and have a great relationship. Any suggestions? - Cathy

Facing Harassment

As LGBT youth, we face an incredible challenge growing up in a society that is anti-queer. Self-confidence and self-esteem are hard to maintain under these circumstances. The pressure and stress of having to face a range of negative reactions - from parents, friends, society in general or ourselves - have led to some LGBT youth facing higher health risks.