Category: Internalized Homophobia

I enjoy seeing girls having sex, but I don’t want ...

I am a straight girl. I always want to look at pornography on the Internet. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it. I look at a girl and a guy have sex, but I watch more videos of girls having sex with other girl. I know I am straight, but I need someone to tell me if I am straight. I can't be gay/lesbian/bi and be a Pentecostal (that's my religion). I need someone to tell me I am straight and I am doing my best to stop looking at pornography. I love the Lord and He will help me understand. I would never kiss or have sex with another girl, but I enjoy seeing other girls have sex. I don't like that feeling at all! What should I do?

I am worried I might be a lesbian

I am worried I might be a lesbian. I like these girls but I don't know if I just look up to them or if I really like them in that way. I don't want to be though. I have always dreamed of growing up with my husband and having kids and living a wonderful life. I go to an all-girls camp for eight weeks also. So I don't know if that would influence it or not. I am only thirteen though so I don't know if you can tell by then. I would appreciate it if you would just give me some background and tell me your thoughts. Thanks a lot!

I hate my feminine side…

hi.....i got this site while i was searching on google to find a way to escape from being GAY... being a gay reallllllly dont screw my mind.. but being sissy..i mean my acts, the way i walk, and the way i talk is really kinda girly.... which i HATE!!! by going through this site i had known that there is NOWAY i can be hetero.... but if only you can help me to chang the sissy acts of mine....realllllllllllllly im in need of some help!!!!!!!... i have soome friends who are with me because im gay....they thought im a gay coz of the way my actions are..... i get so disgusted every time i see myself in the mirror.... i have never seen me through it but allways a GIRLY SISSY man .... the thought of it also eats me alive..... can you plz plz plz help me!!!!!!!!!

What can I do to accept my sexual orientation ?

While I came out at the age of seventeen (I will soon be 22), I am finding it more and more difficult with every coming year to accept my sexual identity. I feel suffocated by how the word "lesbian" makes me feel and the hurt it has caused my very traditional immigrant family. I have even grown to dislike being near women, leaving me with nothing more than empty sexual attraction and loneliness. I simply have no clue how to pull myself out of this situation.