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I’m attracted to girls but I don’t know wether I’m ...

I am 16 and I have had mistook "admiration" as "crush" a lot of times when I was small... And now knows that the "boy" crushes(3 to be exact) I had was just mere admiration to be like them....(I want to be more masculine) and I recently realised that I am attracted to girls... and if I were to date someone(or marry someone in the far future) then that 'someone' would be a girl... I don't label myself as lesbian because I am still confused as I have never got a crush and neither do I understand what actually is a crush..(and I truly don't understand the "butterfly in stomach" feeling everyone talks about) and also nowadays I question myself like "what if I am lying to myself about being lesbian" "am I being like this just to be different from others?" and such questions are making me more and more confused. Please help! I can't understand whether I'm lesbian or not!!

I am 39 years old and just came out as ...

Hello, I am a 39 year old male, who just recently came out. I admit I am struggling with my new identity/lifestyle/ am struggling to continue to come out to those around (currently I just came out to those very close to me and just shut everyone else out of my life). I am looking for some support/ group to help me feel comfortable with new identity and am not entirely sure where to go for help. I found your website on line (I know it says the focus is up to age 35, but I figured I would try and write to see if you'd be able to help). Thank you in advance for any help your able to offer. Nicholas

I hate how religions portray homosexuality

I hate when people start with religion and sexuality. They tell us how this stupid book says we can't be gay or whatever. They say its unnatural and try to 'FIX' us or abuse us. What if we don't want to be fixed, I certainly don't want to change my sexuality and third gender which I'm sure they are against too. Instead of trying to find a cure so people can be happy too, why don't they just leave us alone? My dad always brings up this stupid thing about how gays are wrong and how having same-sex intercourse is like doing it with animals. I told him that it's completely different because that's all about sex rather than sexuality and the animal can not make a mature choice as to if it wants to because it cannot speak so it's like RAPE, which is wrong. I'm really getting annoyed with the world's views on gays/transgenders and everything else. It's sickening. I want to help stop this madness but I don't know how. What can I do?? I feel so hopeless that the world is doomed to be forever like this.

Why do all religions condemn homosexuality?

Hello.... it is irfan here again.... well i read your was quite attractive and I liked reading about how every one has a right to live the way they want to live... From your answer, I am getting this idea that there is no religion in the world basically or we should not believe in any religion but as a Muslim that is not possible and it would be the most disgusting thing for me not to believe. If you have researched on different religions so you must have gotten the idea that nowadays everything is exactly as Islam predicted in its book the Koran: it means islam does exist..... that is for sure... I can't argue about this....but my problem can be solved by only your perspective/answer on this issue, i.e. that gay feelings are natural. If it's not natural then it could mean it is curable... if it would not be curable then it is not possible that islam predicted punishment.... it must have a solution on which we can act and can make our life comfortable. Just think about all religions being against gay feelings so how is it possible that being gay is natural?

I am attracted to the same sex, but live in ...

Since childhood I have been attracted to the same sex. I was raised in a very conservative religious environment, and such things are not even mentioned in my family. I accepted that I was odd or different and in my 20's married. I have now been married 20 years and can't seem to fight any longer my urges for another man. I don't want to lose my wife and everything and every friend I have, and I would if this attraction were in the open. What should I do?

What is the cause of homosexuality?

I was just interested to know "what is the reason that there are gay people, and it seems to be getting seemingly more common in the population." I am a gay guy myself and I have always wondered that question. For something so common these days it is weird not to have any truthful matter to the fact of what brings one to be a homosexual. Thanks.

I hate my feminine side…

hi.....i got this site while i was searching on google to find a way to escape from being GAY... being a gay reallllllly dont screw my mind.. but being sissy..i mean my acts, the way i walk, and the way i talk is really kinda girly.... which i HATE!!! by going through this site i had known that there is NOWAY i can be hetero.... but if only you can help me to chang the sissy acts of mine....realllllllllllllly im in need of some help!!!!!!!... i have soome friends who are with me because im gay....they thought im a gay coz of the way my actions are..... i get so disgusted every time i see myself in the mirror.... i have never seen me through it but allways a GIRLY SISSY man .... the thought of it also eats me alive..... can you plz plz plz help me!!!!!!!!!

What can I do to accept my sexual orientation ?

While I came out at the age of seventeen (I will soon be 22), I am finding it more and more difficult with every coming year to accept my sexual identity. I feel suffocated by how the word "lesbian" makes me feel and the hurt it has caused my very traditional immigrant family. I have even grown to dislike being near women, leaving me with nothing more than empty sexual attraction and loneliness. I simply have no clue how to pull myself out of this situation.

I like this girl but how do I know she’s ...

Hi! I'm 18 and just now putting all the signs together that I am a lesbian, or at least bi. I have a crush on a girl I work with and I was just wondering the signs if she likes me...or if she's even bi or a lesbian. I would love to find out qualities or characteristics of a lesbian..even if they are myths..please catch me up!! :-)