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The ABC’s of Involvement at AlterHéros in 2008

This April, AlterHéros will be organising the 5th annual general assembly of its members. Due to the way that AlterHéros is structured, these meetings are vital for the proper function and sustainability of the association. For this reason we wish to enlighten you on the subject off our mission and to open your mind to the possibility of directly involving yourself in the AlterHéros community in 2008.

Archive – celebrates its 5th anniversary!

The portal continues to impress. After more than 1.6 million visits from people all around the world since its creation in January 2002, the none-for-profit organization behind the Internet website continuous to innovate by launching a “volunteer operation” that marks the beginning of its 5th anniversary.

Six Nominations for AlterHeros at the Allostars!

During a press conference in Montreal held at the Serge et Réal Bookstore on February 9th, 2006, the QAQY (Quebec Alliance of Queer Youth) announced its list of finalist for the first annual Allostars Gala, an event that has been created to recognize the work of queer youth. We are pleased to be among six out of the twenty finalists!

Being a lesbian/bi is against my church. What to ...

Hi. I've gotten a few crushes on a few girls and, oh my god, i get all weak around them! But the thing is that i had boyfriends before and I think some guys are attractive too. I'm only 15 and my mom says that I am too young to know if you're a lesbian/bi and that it is against the church anyways. You wouldn't happen to have any advice would you? Thanks anyways. - Kitten

Getting tested for HIV – Part I

I'm home now, sipping some hot chocolate and dipping into it the occasional chocolate chip cookie and the wheels are finally turning. Which wheels? Well, the gears and pinions of bureaucracy. Long story short, I've finally set myself up for getting an HIV / AIDS test at my local CLSC. You see, in my defense, lately the winter in my part of Montreal has been rather cold. Not just cold, go get a sweater cold