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I am heartbroken – girl in love with a gay ...

I am totally and completely in love with a gay guy. When I met him he was bisexual and I dated him for 2 and a half years... I love him so much, he is the only person that can make my heart beat faster and slower at the same time... We prioritized each other in everything..... and I have so many memories... We were best friends who have been through everything but my heart is ripped and can't be healed. Now that we're not together anymore, I shall never love again. He was perfect. I love Zak and I have to accept everything, it's hard and I have been through more than anyone I know. People ask me how can I love him, but no one will ever know him the way I know him... Hopefully I will get help from you. I can't get him out of my mind, I'm hopelessly in love. Any advice would be welcome. Please I feel my heart died. What can I do????

I think I may be in love with my teacher, ...

I'm 15 and from the UK, where I'm in year 10. Since coming to high school, I've been very unhappy because I'm shy and have difficulty making friends, but last year I realized that I had feelings for my teacher. Since then, more than a year has passed, he still teaches me, and although I've tried to control my feelings, they've deepened into something more like love: I feel so nervous when I'm around him - I go all shaky, my heart pounds, my breathing becomes shallow, and recently, I've been feeling anxious and paranoid because of him. I think I am suffering from depression, as I feel like crying all the time and have suicidal thoughts daily. I feel like I'm on my way to a mental breakdown because I have no one to talk to about any of this. I've tried to forget about my teacher, but I can't; it is not a "crush", and I really need advice on what to do because my GCSEs are on the line, as well as my mental health. Please can you help me?

Is there no way to give up homosexuality?

I am gay, but I don't want to be because my family hates gay people... I figure I could be gay for a long time now but I have been living in denial all my life, and it has taken my life away. I am always depressed and I used to cut myself, though I don't do that anymore. I am always angry at my parents, and I do whatever it takes just to make friends. I've already asked the "what if i turned out gay" question to my mom and stepdad, and both said that it wouldn't be a good thing for me to be gay. They said it was unnatural for two men to be together. Unfortunately I feel the same way. Is there no way to give up homosexuality? Of note, if it is a treatment that involves Jesus, I am not interested. I don't believe in "God" or "Jesus Christ" in any way, shape, or form. If there is truly no treatment, then I guess the guilt will get to me eventually.