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Men: I’m attracted to everything above the waist only

I am somewhat confused at the moment. I have never considered myself a homosexual man, and I still don't. I have never had romantic feelings toward men, but have found myself attracted to them before. Like, I will see someone and find them attractive. However, I'm the same way with women. However, I have had romantic feelings towards them. I am in high school, and have had several crushes throughout my life. I've never actually had a girlfriend, but I'm still a freshman. I have found myself attracted to guys, but I don't want to see their dicks. What I have seen (from movies, porn, whatever) doesn't turn me on, and never has. However, I've been attracted to pretty much everything above the waist. Does that make sense? I'm seriously confused. Am I gay, bisexual, what? I don't feel romantically attracted to guys, but I don't mind when a pyschically fit guy is shirtless or whatever. I don't like the male penis, and would not get on my knees and suck it. I know that's...

How can you tell she’s a lesbian?

I would love 2 know if there are signs to tell if a female is a LESBIAN, not Bisexual. I'm a full LESBIAN, and I think I have a couple of ways to tell. But other hints and signs could never hurt. So, if you can help me by answering my question with 1,2,3 ways 2 tell if she'a a lesbian or not. I would appreciate it.