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I’m having a bit of a gender crisis right now ...

I'm having a bit of a gender crisis right now. I use he/they pronouns, as they are what I identify with most, but I present female (wearing dresses, skirts, makeup etc.). I'm also comfortable with certain female terms (such as fangirl, queen, wife) but not others (specifically girlfriend or being referred to collectively as 'girls'). I'm AFAB and I'm wondering if there's a term for this? (If it is relevant, I believe I am attracted to all genders at varying degrees)

What is Demifluid gender?

I’m confused about my gender and I don’t know what to do. I’ve always been cisgender, but technically I never got a say in how I want to define myself. I’m happy with she/her pronouns, though I’m thinking I wouldn’t mind they/them, since it’s neutral. What is Demifluid gender? I recently heard about this identity and i think it kinda clicked with me. I believe it’s when part of your gender always stays the same while the other part is more fluid. For me, I’m always a woman, but there’s this non-binary/genderqueerness that I think is present in a fluid way. But then I think I’m just trying to be different and making it up? Is it possible to be partly cisgender, and partly non-binary? And Is it possible my gender expression is drives my gender identity?

I am wondering for my son…

My son, 17, who lives with his father, ex military in Georgia, just called me the other day and told me that not only is he gay, but he wants to start hormone treatment for transexual surgery. He also got himself a job under the pretense of being a girl. He dresses in female clothing only. He lies about his gender. He tells others he is a girl. He decided to drop out of school and wanting to go to Beauty School upon completion of his GED. He wants to move back down to Florida near me to live his lifestyle. I love my son regardless of his orientation, he is my child no matter what. However, I am not sure how to deal with this situation and how to give him the best support. Where I live, gay lifestyle is not very acceptable. Especially, when blatantly flaunted. I am worried about his safety when encountering others who rather bash gay lifestyle. My fiance already said, that he accepts and loves Alex regardless, but he will not tolerate blatant gay behavior in our house. His father although very nice to him can't wait for Alex to move out his house. Alex's brother seems very nice, too, as well as his step sister. His step brother is the typical jerk who enjoys cutting Alex down and drown him with humiliation and insults. Please give me advice on how to best support him. Thank you Lexi