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I have had irregular periods for a year

I have been having trouble with my periods for the last year - I am 34 and seem to be showing some signs of menopause - this month I had a particularly bad period which I thought had finished on saturday and had no flow for about 24 hrs and then a small flood of hot translucent brown liquid which carried on for a few hours and then nothing again. It happened again today to a lesser degree. I had some blood tests done about 6 months ago and the doctor said all was normal - no infection - no hormone drop - can anyone give me any insight into this - it is unlikely to be an std - I have not been active for about a year!

Six Nominations for AlterHeros at the Allostars!

During a press conference in Montreal held at the Serge et Réal Bookstore on February 9th, 2006, the QAQY (Quebec Alliance of Queer Youth) announced its list of finalist for the first annual Allostars Gala, an event that has been created to recognize the work of queer youth. We are pleased to be among six out of the twenty finalists!