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Late period

Ok so this is going to be TMI, apologizes in advance. My boyfriend and I had protected sex early November. Since then I've had two normal periods (heavy flow, horrible cramps the works). But as of now my period is 15 days late! I've taken three AHPT all have come back negative. I know stress can throw off your cycle, and with a new job I've been pretty darn stressed,and I know there's probably a very slim chance I'm pregnant. But what's going on? My period used to be super irregular but the past year it's been fairly regular.

I have a crush on my coworker but she wants ...

I have a crush on my coworker but I found out from her that she likes her ex's best friend and he likes her back and that she's going through some problems with her ex about this. When I confessed my feelings to her, she said that she was really sorry and didn't know what to say. She also told me that she doesn't know me long enough to say whether I'm her type or not and that I was a really cool and understanding person. Then she asked me if we could be good friends or not. When I told her that we'll see, she goes ' You cant be friends with someone you like?'. I told her that I'll be around if she wants to talk or take things off her mind. Now the thing is, my friend told me if she only talks about herself for the next few weeks or doesn't ask me to hang out then I should ditch her because it'll be clear that she's using me. I agree with him but I would also like your opinion on this as well. Is she trying to make use of me or is she trying to scrape out who I really am?

I am heartbroken – girl in love with a gay ...

I am totally and completely in love with a gay guy. When I met him he was bisexual and I dated him for 2 and a half years... I love him so much, he is the only person that can make my heart beat faster and slower at the same time... We prioritized each other in everything..... and I have so many memories... We were best friends who have been through everything but my heart is ripped and can't be healed. Now that we're not together anymore, I shall never love again. He was perfect. I love Zak and I have to accept everything, it's hard and I have been through more than anyone I know. People ask me how can I love him, but no one will ever know him the way I know him... Hopefully I will get help from you. I can't get him out of my mind, I'm hopelessly in love. Any advice would be welcome. Please I feel my heart died. What can I do????

Am I asexual?

I have always been attracted to females I discover this when I was very young, probably around 6. But as I grew up, I noticed I would barely get attracted to them, like it takes a lot for me to get attracted to a woman, more than looks. Is it normal to feel this way? Is this lack of attraction normal? I'm 23 and I have had only 3 women in my life. Is that normal? Am I asexual?

There’s this girl at my work who always smiles at ...

There's this girl at my work who always smiles at me and stares a lot and we are very comfortable with each other and I don't know if she likes me but I'm getting that vibe, but there's this other person at my job who likes me a lot but I don't like them in that way and the girl at my work always teases me about that person..saying "aww its your lover...you guys are so cute"..blah blah. She does this all day everyday and teases me about them..knowing that I really don't like that person at all! and it kind of makes me think she's jealous and wants me or something...do you think I'm getting that vibe or am I crazy..lol..Please help. Thanks!

I am straight, but I have feelings for a girl

A lot of the guys at my work always flirt with me and ask me for my number and want to hangout, but I'm never interested in them because I am too busy focusing on this girl at work that might be bisexual. I'm straight and I never felt like this towards a girl until I met her. All I do is daydream about her. We talk a lot at work. A lot of people think she is bisexual and she is always making eye contact with me from across the room and turning away with a smile if I catch her, and I do the same thing. She also touches me from behind and makes me super nervous... But she has been talking about her ex for a while who is a guy so I'm so confused about whether she is bi and what to do... I really want to know if she's into me, but if she's not, that will make both of us very uncomfortable and embarrassed at work, especially because this is the only girl I have ever had feelings like this for... Please help! Thanks.