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Will watching transexual porn compromise my hetero lifestyle?

I have been watching Transexual porn and I really enjoy it, but I'm afraid that it will compromise my heterosexual lifestyle that i love. I've also found that i enjoy anal penetration, My ex-girlfriend got me into it with her, but all of this makes me worry that I'm gay when I know I like women. So what does this make me straight with a fetish bi? I'm very confused and have been for quite some time

I imagine myself as a lesbian – am I transsexual?

Hey, I'm  a 15 year old male and I'm really confused. I have always considered myself a normal boy, as a kid I liked playing with action figures and plastic army men. I have always been moderately masculine, and I'm comfortable with my gender. I've never had any homosexual thoughts. However, when I fantasize, nothing is as pleasuring to me as imagining that I am a lesbian, usually the one being dominated. I do get aroused by boy/girl fantasies (As long as I'm the boy, rather than some stranger). I don't have any desire to dress in womens clothing, but I did once when I was a kid. I'm comfortable with my body. The only problem is that I fantasize about being a lesbian. Am I transsexual? Thanks for the help. P.S Holy crap is there something wrong with the validation code? It took my like 30 tries to get it right.

I am unsure of my gender identity

I am unsure of my gender identity. I have always felt more feminine than masculine and I used to crossdress. After a while I stopped and I haven't dressed in female clothes or worn makeup in many months but in the back of my mind I think I really do want to be feminine, every day, all day. All of my friends are girls and I feel most of the time like I'm just one of the girls. Are these symptoms of transsexuality or is could I just be a crossdresser? And would you recommend I talk to a professional about my feelings?

I am worried that I may be transsexual because I ...

I think I am starting to realise that I may be transsexual. I don't find girls attractive and most of the time I imagine myself in my head as being a female. I am worried if these are signs that I am transsexual and what would be the steps to take afterwards if I found out I am one.

Having a Trans Child – Advice to Parents

My daughter is trans - she transitioned in her late teens. This is a very brief resume of some of the stresses and practical problems facing a family with such a child, who may still be at school or college, and is probably still living at home.