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Are my breasts normal in shape?

I am a 14 year old who is fairly athletic and thin and wears a 34b cup. I got my period at age 13. My nipples are not inverted but flat. Although you have assured other girls that with maturation they can stick out, I have many friends who are my age and do not have flat nipples like mine. Also my breasts tend to look pointy and not really round in shirts without a bra. Is that normal?

I am worried about a transparent liquid (lubricant type) that ...

I have been talking to my girlfriend over the phone for quite some time now. When we do talk about love or sex my penis gets erect (I think this is normal). What I am worried about is a transparent liquid (lubricant type) that comes out of my penis when it starts going back to its normal state. I sometimes think that this liquid could be just "Precum" which is a lubricant that comes out of the penis after the penis gets erected. But I am not very sure of this. I am 27 years of age and never had any sexual intercourse with anyone. Could you please tell me what this liquid is and is it normal to have such a thing? Many Thanks, Dhruva